stochastic, Stochastic, how to set up Stochastic, stochastic indicator, strategies with Stochastic, Stochastic formula, Stochastic application

Stochastic indicator: description, setting, how to use

Stochastic oscillator (stochastic indicator) is one of the most popular technical indicators, it is included in 80% of all existing trading strategies. This tool is...

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Russian politics


RUSAL, RUSAL, Deripaska, Deripaska companies, Oleg Deripaska, sanctions, RUSAL shares

How many have lost investors Deripaska

On the eve of may 29, the official website of Oleg Deripaska published...
pension Fund, non-state pension Fund, transfer of funded pension, funded pension, transition to NPF, from NPF to PFR

How much have citizens lost in the transition to non-state pension funds

22 Feb. VEB estimated the losses of Russians in the transition from the Pension...

The end of the country house amnesty

February 19. Since March 1, a new procedure for the construction of garden and...


children's, child benefits, child benefits, monthly child benefit, indexation of child benefits, table with child benefits, what will change in 2020, child benefits 2020, the size of child benefits

How payments for children will change from January 2020

From January 1, 2020, amendments to Federal law No. 418-FZ of 28.12.2017 "on monthly payments...
taxi aggregators, taxi regulation, taxi law, foreigners in taxi

Taxi services may rise due to the initiative of deputies

The deputies proposed to ban the work of foreign taxi aggregators and foreign...
popular female names 2019, popular male names 2019, popular names for girls, popular names for boys as girls are called, unusual names for girls, unusual names for boys

The ranking of names for newborns

Moscow registry office published a rating of the most popular and most unusual...


earthquake, earthquake in the Urals, Ust-Katav earthquake, Typhoon Jebi

The earthquake in the Urals

September 06th. On Wednesday night, the population of the Chelyabinsk region was frightened by the...
Grigory Slabikov, the arrest of Gregory Slabikova the arrest of the head of Rostechnadzor, fraud, Elena Slavikova, the construction of Saint-Petersburg arrest

New high-profile arrest

May 14. Dzerzhinsky district court of St. Petersburg detained one of the most influential people...
the case of Zakharchenko, the property of Dmitri Zakharchenko, the capital of Dmitri Zakharchenko, details of the Zakharchenko case, how many Dmitri Zakharchenko stole

New details of the Zakharchenko case

November 22. The investigation into the case of the former employee of the anti-corruption chapter...

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emigration from Russia, where to emigrate if there is no money, emigration abroad, which countries accept immigrants without money

It is much easier to emigrate from Russia in 2019, if there is no money

Life in Russia is not easy, many try to leave the country, but...
Israeli citizenship, moving to Israel, how to get Israeli citizenship, permanent residence Israel, Russian move to Israel

Moving to Israel for permanent residence in 2019

Israel is a country with a high standard of living, which attracts immigrants...
how to get a passport in 2018, how to get a passport, passport registration, obtaining a passport in 2018, documents for registration of the passport 2018, grounds for refusal to issue a passport, can I get a second passport in the presence of the first, the size of the state fee for the passport 2018

Obtaining a passport in 2018

July 25th. When planning a trip abroad, you should take care of the presence of...
mortgage for the rich, mortgage, why the rich take a mortgage, mortgage for wealthy citizens, luxury housing, buying luxury housing, whether to take a mortgage

Mortgage for the rich: why secured people loans for the purchase of housing

May 31. In the early 1990s and 2000s, only wealthy citizens could afford a mortgage...
Luggage, losing Luggage, lost Luggage what to do if you've lost your Luggage, Aeroflot lost Luggage, work in lost Luggage, lost Luggage what to do

How to find lost baggage or get compensation for it

May 29. In Russia, increased compensation payments to passengers air carriers in the loss of...
flu, flu epidemic, influenza 2018, flu vaccine, four-phase flu vaccine, anti-flu medications, Anaferon, Anaferon's benefit, prevent flu, how not to get sick with flu, flu medications, why epidemics happen

Flu on schedule

15 April. The spring of 2018 was marked by an excess of the epidemiological threshold...
pregnant foreign citizen, pregnancy in Russia, maternity leave to a foreigner in Russia, pregnancy of a foreign woman in Russia, what to expect a foreign woman to be pregnant, pregnancy in Russia what to do

An interesting situation: what to expect a pregnant foreign woman in Russia

11 April. Many foreign women go to Russia to work and study. Many choose the...
Italian citizenship, get Italian citizenship, residence permit Italy, get citizenship by investment how much to invest to get Italian citizenship, easy way to get citizenship, resident Italy

How to obtain Italian citizenship in exchange for investment

March 05. What amount will be required to obtain Italian citizenship and what are the...
mortgage refinancing how to refinance a mortgage, mortgage, mortgage for young families, #Refinansirovaniya, #mortgage

How to refinance a mortgage

22 Jan. Refinance mortgage loans is beneficial to both banks and debtors. How refinancing works...



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