Manual for those who want to participate in the program of resettlement of compatriots

the program of resettlement of compatriots resettlement refugee, programme refugee benefits to refugees, compensation for the refugees

To participate in this program, entitled compatriots, who live abroad or my compatriots who are foreign citizens (persons without citizenship) permanently or temporarily living legally in territory of the Russian Federation (having residence permit or temporary residence permit).

Compatriots, permanently residing abroad, regardless of nationality, on the issue of resettlement should apply in representation FMS of Russia abroad, or in one of the consular offices. Those foreign citizens who legally reside permanently or temporarily in the territory of the Russian Federation (residence permit or temporary residence permit) may apply for participation in the program of voluntary resettlement of compatriots FMS of Russia.

The citizens, permanently residing on the territory of Ukraine, may apply to the following bodies on the territory of Ukraine:

- Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Odessa (Gagarin plateau, 14, phone: 38-048-785-87-69, email:;

- Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Kharkiv (Olminskogo str., 22, phone: 38-057-700-00-56, 38-057-715-79-97 or 38-057-706-40-70, email:;

- the office of the representative of the FMS of Russia in Ukraine (Kyiv city, Panfilovtsev ul., d. 5, phone: 286-70-43 or 38-044-286-73-57, email:

Current list of regions participating in the program of voluntary resettlement of compatriots you can find here (in the list of regions participating in the program, and includes Kursk, Kostroma, Bryansk, Samara and Pskov regions, and many others).

To participate in this program, foreign citizens must submit the following documents:

- completed application (application form approved by the decree of the RF Government of 16 February 2013 № 196-p) - application form you can download on our website - the Application to participate in the resettlement program;

- copies of identification documents of the applicant and his family members included in the application;

- copies of documents on marital status of the applicant and his family members.

The copy should have the original documents.

- color or black-and-white photographs of the applicant – 2 PCs. size 35 x 45 mm with the accurate image of the person strictly in full face;

- copies of documents on education, vocational training, guard employment, academic degree and rank;

- the information describing the identity of the applicant and his family members, vocational skills, skills.

You must also submit documents confirming the right to temporary or permanent residence on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Documents written in a foreign language shall be submitted with translation into Russian language. The authenticity of the translator's signature and the accuracy of the translation must be notarized.

Recommend the submission of documents, to bring the electronic version of the application for participation in the State program for was the opportunity to edit during the reception.

After consideration of the nomination of the compatriot for participation in the state Program for resettlement, the decision on issuing / refusal to issue certificate of the participant of the State program. It is issued by territorial body FMS of Russia, and was adopted with the participation of the authorized body for the implementation of this program in the region.

The certificate is issued (taking into account all the necessary administrative procedures) within a period not exceeding 60 calendar days from the date of submission of the relevant application and all required documents.

Giving abroad the documents for participation in the resettlement program, foreign nationals can also apply for the issue of a temporary residence permit.

Payment and compensation required compatriots participating in the resettlement program.

Depending on the territory, foreign citizens and members of their families shall have the right:

- the payment of relocation expenses (travel costs, transportation of personal effects, visa fee, collected on the account of reimbursement of actual expenses related to the visa);

- compensation of expenses on payment of state duty for the registration of documents that define the legal status of immigrants in the territory of the Russian Federation;

- recovery of actual costs associated with the acceptance of the application for issuance of a temporary residence permit;

- a monthly allowance in the absence of income from labour, entrepreneurial or other activities, not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation in the period up to the acquisition of citizenship of the Russian Federation (not more than 6 months);

the allowance (so-called "lifting").

Foreign citizens who have decided to participate in the program of resettlement of compatriots, assistance in housing construction for those rules that are set in the regional program. In particular, in some regions provide immigrants the opportunity to stay in hostels, reception centres, in the areas of agile funds, or compensation would be paid for rental housing.

In addition, the participants of the resettlement programme are entitled to receive residence permit, temporary residence permit outside the quota, as well as the acquisition of Russian citizenship in a simplified manner.

All areas participating in this program are divided into two categories: the territory of priority check-in and areas, non-priority settlement territories. The right to receive "elevating" all countrymen, irrespective of the selected site. Varies the amount of the benefit.

In the territories of priority settlement (which includes: Khabarovsk, Primorsky, Kamchatka, Zabaykalsky Krai, Republic of Buryatia, Sakhalin, Magadan, Irkutsk, Amur oblast and Jewish Autonomous oblast) "roll-up" is paid in two stages – immediately after arrival and registration at the place of residence or a registered place of residence after 18 months. from the date of registration at the place of residence or a registered place of residence in the territory included in this category.

In the first stage, the allowance of 150 thousand roubles to the participant of the program, and 70 thousand rubles to the members of the family. At the second stage – 90 thousand rbl. the participant of the program and 50 thousand rubles to the members of the family.

Immigrants that reside in the territories of non-priority settlement territories, the benefit is paid as a lump sum in the following sizes:

- 20 thousand rbl. – a program participant:

- 10 thousand roubles to a family member.

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