Vladimir Putin abolished all taxes

taxes, Vladimir Putin, abolition of taxes, Tax code, tax code abolished taxes

September 06th. The tax code abolished all taxes. I think this is a joke? Let's see if it's fake.

It's no secret that Russian laws often have a "double meaning". Often the texts of laws are so florid that without legal education and experience in this field it is simply impossible to understand something.  Everything else, the number of laws, orders, regulations is so great that it is impossible to read them all.

An example of this is the case concerning Vladimir Putin. Let us recall that after Vladimir Putin once again submitted his candidacy for the election of the President of the Russian Federation, several incompetent lawyers filed an appeal to the constitutional court with a request to remove Vladimir Putin from the elections, referring to paragraph 3 of article 81 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation:

"The same person may not hold the office of President of the Russian Federation for more than two consecutive terms."

As you already know, these people failed to withdraw the candidacy of Vladimir Putin. And all the matter in the small negligence and this "dual" interpretation of this paragraph. Officially, this item prohibits only to hold the office of the President of the Russian Federation for more than two consecutive terms. But nowhere is it said that it is impossible to act according to other schemes: one through one or two through one. About the "not straight" in this article doesn't say.

What follows from this? In this case, the law is interpreted in favor of the current government. That is, in this case, there is a simple legal rule: "everything that is not prohibited by law is Allowed."

The whole point of the article

taxes, Vladimir Putin, abolition of taxes, Tax code, tax code abolished taxes

But we were a little distracted from the topic of the article. Let us return to it and carefully read article 12 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation:

item 1"in the Russian Federation the following types of taxes and fees are established: Federal, regional and local".

It seems nothing strange. Read more.

item 5 "Federal, regional and local taxes and fees are canceled by this Code".

In other words, the first paragraph of this article introduces taxes in Russia, and 5 already cancels.

In order to prove that this news is not fake, you can visit the official website of the tax service and the legal reference system "Consultant Plus", where to find the Tax code and read everything with your own eyes.

What's wrong

taxes, Vladimir Putin, abolition of taxes, Tax code, tax code abolished taxes

Let's understand. First of all, we reject the double interpretation – the code is written in black and white. The legal rule "what is not prohibited by law is allowed" also does not work, as there is a specific cancellation.

How can this be explained? After all, there must be an explanation.

Perhaps this is a random error: copied and made a mistake. Of course, there is such a possibility, but hardly. And since this is not done by accident, it is done on purpose. So, there are people who benefit from this item.

Many people don't understand how laws work. First, there are a lot of them. Secondly, very often some laws contradict others. And this is really a huge loophole for those who are versed in law.

There is also an unspoken rule that only the law to which you refer applies and applies. From this it follows that in order to apply a particular law, it is necessary to first notify the opposite side.

That is why when you go to court, the judge, considering your case, does not shovel tons of legislation, and comes from his past experience and jurisprudence. If the decision and arguments of the judge do not suit you, then your right to give a reasonable challenge to him, or to draw his attention to his mistake, referring to a specific legislative act. And to make it so that it was reflected in the record of court session.

Why is this not taught in schools and institutes? And all because the unspoken law says that"uneducated people – a guarantee of democracy."

Legal practice

taxes, Vladimir Putin, abolition of taxes, Tax code, tax code abolished taxes

What is the current legal practice? For example, to collect taxes from the population – this is the current legal practice. And then came the law abolishing the collection of taxes. Of course, no one will notify the population about this law, but the tax authorities will continue to collect taxes "by inertia". And it is unlikely that the population will read the laws (because the population is not before and plus, the population also has inertia - "did not live richly, there is nothing to start" - familiar?). But those who "need" are already aware of the changes.

Remember, in any law there are loopholes, which should understand every self-respecting person.

What do you think about this? Write in the comments.

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