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We talk about money in plain language: how to earn, save and increase personal capital. Latest news, forecasts and investidei, tips on financial literacy and useful services.

FIRE, passive income, how to retire early, retire at 30, live on interest, saving up for Ferrari, fire movement, FIRE in Russia

FIRE: how to retire at 30

In the West, especially in the US, a movement called FIRE is gaining popularity. Supporters of this movement are adherents of the...
pension Fund, create your pension, how to create your pension, passive income, dividends, dividend shares, where to invest, where to invest, blue chips, investments in Russia, how to get rich, how to become a millionaire

How to create your own pension Fund in Russia

Is it worth investing in the Russian stock market? How to save for a comfortable old age? How to competently form your...
stock exchange, stock market, what is the stock exchange, is it possible to make money on the stock exchange, where the money on the stock exchange, why do you need a stock exchange

What is the stock exchange and where is the money

What is the stock market and the stock exchange, what benefits society bring stock exchanges and what is the meaning of stock...
passive income, sources of passive income, methods of passive income, how to create a passive source of income

How to create a passive source of income?

What is passive income, how to create it from scratch. The most reliable ways of passive income offline and online. What is passive...
investments, passive income, how to organize passive income, how to earn, earn on investments at home, earn on investments online

How to make money on investments 28000%

How much can you really get, how to make money on investments, and in what financial instruments it is worth investing money. Russians...
investment earnings on the exchange, is it possible to make money on the stock exchange, the earnings on the stock exchange, how to make money on the stock exchange newbie

How can you make a newcomer on the stock exchange without...

How and how much can you earn on the stock exchange (stock, currency, commodity) without special knowledge and experience? If we analyze the...
buy shares, how to buy shares, how much money you need to buy shares, brokerage Commission, short position, long position, open a long position, open a short position, short

How to buy shares

Did you know that every device from Apple installs the app "Shares"? Why? It's simple, in the US every second person buys...
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How much can you earn by investing in stocks

At the moment, this topic is very relevant, as the refinancing rate of the Central Bank is constantly changing and, basically, in...
dividends, companies with high dividends, best dividend shares, shares with high dividends

Russian and American companies with the best dividends

Every investor aiming to receive dividends in the long term is constantly wondering what stocks to buy for the next investment. There...
dividends dividend cut-off, div.cut-off, the dividend gap as the dividend cut-off effect on the stock price

Dividend cutoffs: what is it and how does it affect quotes

July is the closing period of dividend registers of many Russian companies. This means that an investor who buys shares after a...
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