How to obtain a TRP, asylum or refugee status to citizen of Ukraine

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Refugees arriving in Russia, one way or another, face the need to legalize their situation in the country. This question in Russia regulates the mass of laws and regulations to understand that an untrained person is difficult. To help you understand this try edition of the "Political class".

First, if you plan to stay in Russia longer than 90 days, you must register at the place of stay. Also registration is required for the design of practically all documents to legalize. To register at the place of stay in the Department of the FMS, to whom the place of your stay. Refugees, placed in refugee camps, can register by contacting the camp. If refugees live in a rented apartment or with friends, they should contact the owners of this apartment.

Refugee status

The political class have repeatedly touched on this topic in previous articles. First, you should understand the very concept of "refugee status". There are 2 refugee status. Between them there is a fundamental difference. Refugee status is only granted to those who are unable and unwilling to live more in the country of last residence. Another status is given to a person seeking temporary shelter.

Papers on any of the above statuses are issued to the FMS at the place of registration. The paperwork must go through the fingerprinting and medical examination.

Temporary asylum is valid for 1 year. Refugee status and temporary asylum are entitled to work in Russia without obtaining work permits.

Instruction for those who wish to obtain refugee status or temporary asylum in Russia

To obtain refugee status or temporary asylum to refugees should apply to the local FMS body at the place of their stay. This status is granted only if there is a reasonable fear for their life and health on grounds of race, nationality, religion, political opinion, by virtue of which the refugee may not wish to return to their country of citizenship.

How to make sun the citizen of Ukraine

The temporary residence permit is issued for 3 years. This permission gives the right to work, to receive medical care and other social guarantees. Sun is one of the most important and, most importantly, it is an essential step to citizenship of the Russian Federation. The RWP shall be issued by the quota or without quota, if there is good reason. The quotas for TRP region are issued at the beginning of the year. RWP outside the quotas are issued to citizens of Ukraine:

- born in territory of RSFSR and consisting in citizenship of the USSR or born in territory of the Russian Federation;

recognized unable to work and capable of having children, consisting in citizenship of the Russian Federation;

- married to the citizen of the Russian Federation living on the territory of Russia;

- having at least one disabled parent living in the territory of Russia;

- invested in the Russian Federation in the amount established by the RF Government.

Manual for citizens of Ukraine wishing to obtain a TRP in Russia

For obtaining of temporary residence permit a foreign citizen must submit a number of documents to the territorial body of the FMS of Russia at the place of the planned stay:

- application for issuance of a temporary residence permit – 2 copies (form can be found on our website: Statement on the RWP, sample application to issue the temporary residence permit can be downloaded also here is a Sample of the application form for TRP);

- personal photos (2 pieces) size 35x45 mm colour or black and white with a clear full face image of the face (to take a picture should be without headgear);

- the document proving the identity;

- migration quota

Within 30 days after filing the application you must submit documents confirming the absence of infectious diseases, drug addiction, and also the certificate on absence of HIV infection.

To appeal you must pay the state fee in the amount of 1 000 rubles.

Certain categories of citizens who can obtain a temporary residence permit without the quota must provide additional supporting documents.

When issuing the temporary residence permit a foreign citizen must be state fingerprint registration.

After the foreign national received a temporary residence permit, he / she must register at the place of residence or registered place of stay. Having lived at least one year on the basis of a temporary residence permit, a foreign citizen has the right to obtain a residence permit.

How Ukrainians work in Russia

Temporary asylum or refugee status allows citizens of Ukraine to work in the Russian Federation on the lawful bases. Another option is obtaining a work permit. The permit is issued within 10 working days after all necessary documents will be provided. Work permits are issued based on quotas. Quotas are updated once a year.

The third option to work legally is to get a patent. The patent is also issued within 10 working days. The cost of a patent for "visa-free" foreign citizens in 2014 – 1216 rubles.

What it takes to obtain a patent a foreign citizen

First of all, it is necessary to address in territorial body FMS of Russia at the place of registration with the statement for granting of a patent. The statement should be made:

- the document proving the identity;

- migration card with a mark about date of crossing the state border of the Russian Federation;

- receipt of payment of personal income tax in the form of a fixed down payment rate of 1216 rubles a month. Payment is to be paid at the time of registration of the patent (1-3 months);

- photos 30x40 mm.

Within 10 working days the territorial body of the FMS prepares the patent (if there are no grounds for refusal) and gives it to the citizen personally. Also to obtain a patent must undergo a fingerprint examination.

The patent can be repeatedly extended. For extension of patent to apply to the FMS of Russia is not necessary, you only need to pay personal income tax in the form of a fixed down payment rate of 1216 rubles a month. This tax must be paid within the period of validity of the patent.

What you need to get a work permit to a foreign citizen

To obtain a work permit to a citizen of Ukraine should submit to the territorial body of the FMS of Russia at the place of registration of the application for issuance of the work permit (it is served personally or through a representative). The statement:

- colour photographs of size 30x40 mm – 2 PCs.;

- the document proving the identity;

- migration card with a mark about date of crossing the state border;

- the receipt on payment of state duty for issuing work permits (size – 2 000 RUB.);

- labor contract or civil contract for performance of works / rendering of services entered into with the employer (if any);

- if you plan to work in retail trade, housing and communal services and household services – certificate of proficiency in Russian language;

- a document confirming the absence of diseases presenting a danger to others, (leprosy, syphilis, tuberculosis, lymphogranuloma, chancroid) lack of drug dependence, and also the certificate on absence at it the disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

A work permit is issued to a foreign citizen for the duration of the labour contract with the employer, but not more than one year from the date of entry to Russia.

If there is no labour contract, the work permit is issued for a period of 90 days from the date of entry into Russia. A work permit is issued with consideration of quotas.

One-time paid state fee in the amount of 2 000 rubles.

If there are no grounds for refusal to issue a work permit, it is issued by territorial body FMS of Russia within 10 days from the date of acceptance of the application and all required documents. A work permit is issued to a citizen personally.

How Ukrainians to obtain Russian citizenship in 2014

The government adopted the Law on simplified citizenship native Russian language. He already began to act. Before applying for citizenship must undergo a series of stages: RVP, residence permit, participation in the relocation programme – this is what every refugee from the Ukraine, one way or another, will face. The easiest way to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation to participate in the program of resettlement of compatriots.

The resettlement program from Ukraine to Russia 2014

Refugees from Ukraine, in the territory of the Russian Federation, can participate in the resettlement programme, only having previously obtained asylum or issuing a TRP. If a refugee makes out temporary asylum within the region, it may participate in the resettlement program in another region. This is due to the fact that not all regions hosting refugees participating in the resettlement program. Current list of regions (updated 26.06.2014):

1. Central Federal district:

- The Voronezh region;

- The Bryansk region;

- Kaluga region;

- Tula region;

- Kostroma region;

- Smolensk region;

- Kursk region;

- Tambov region;

- Orenburg region;

- The Lipetsk region;

- Yaroslavl region;

- The Tver region.

2. Northwestern Federal district:

- Murmansk region;

- Nenets Autonomous Okrug;

- Arkhangelsk region;

- Novgorod region;

- The Kaliningrad region;

- The Republic Of Karelia;

- Pskov region.

3. Southern and North Caucasian Federal districts:

Stavropol Krai;

- The Rostov region;

- The Volgograd region.

4. Ural Federal district:

- The Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug;

Khanty - Mansi Autonomous Okrug;

- Chelyabinsk region;

- The Tyumen region;

- The Sverdlovsk region;

- The Kurgan region.

5. Siberian Federal district:

- Republic Of Buryatia;

- Omsk region;

- Novosibirsk region;

- The Krasnoyarsk territory;

- The Kemerovo region;

- Irkutsk region;

The TRANS - Baikal territory;

It is the Altai territory.

6. The far Eastern Federal district:

- Khabarovsk territory;

- Sakhalin region;

- Primorsky region;

- Magadan region;

Kamchatka territory;

- Jewish Autonomous oblast;

- The Amur region.

7. Volga Federal district:

- The Republic Of Chuvashia;

- Samara region;

- Perm region;

- Ulyanovsk region;

- Saratov region;

- The Republic Of Mordovia;

- The Republic Of Mari El;

- Penza region;

- The Nizhny Novgorod region.

Participation in the program of resettlement brings many benefits:

- to obtain the so-called "lifting" (some regions offer considerable lifting);

- to work under equal conditions as the citizens of the Russian Federation, including the tax on income of 13% (not 30% as a foreign citizen);

- social guarantees, including health care;

- to obtain Russian citizenship in an accelerated version.

Instructions for those wishing to participate in the program of resettlement of compatriots, you can find here.

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