The end of the country house amnesty


February 19. Since March 1, a new procedure for the construction of garden and private houses is introduced. What you need to get done before March 1?

Until February 28, 2019, the owners of garden plots for individual housing construction (IZHS) within the boundaries of settlements, which are erected a dwelling house, can in a simplified manner to submit to the competent authorities a notification about this fact.

From March 1, 2019, the order will change. From this date, for the construction of a private house will have to obtain a building permit, and after completion, will need to obtain permission to enter the facility into operation.

Consider how to have time to declare the construction or completion of construction in a simplified manner, what documents are required and what are the new requirements for the construction of suburban and garden plots.

What will change

The Federal law of August 3, 2018 № 340-FZ "on amendments to the Urban planning code of the Russian Federation and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation", which entered into force on August 4, 2018, greatly changed the procedure for registration of real estate and rights to it, in fact, canceled the "dacha Amnesty".

According to this law, since March 1 the simplified notification procedure of construction and commissioning of objects of individual housing construction and garden houses on garden and country sites and in settlements is cancelled. From March 1, this will require a building permit and a commissioning permit. The innovations apply only to residential buildings. To build a bath, gazebo or shed does not require any permits or notifications.

Why innovations are needed

As expected, innovations need to protect sites from unauthorized and legalized construction, and are designed to help with these buildings and their taxation.

What you need to catch up to March 1

Till March 1 the simplified order of statement on cadastral accounting and registration of the right to houses, the garden houses constructed on the parcels of land continues to work. If you declare the construction before March 1, you will not have to obtain a construction permit.

If the construction is completed, then until March 1, you need to have time to prepare a technical plan and submit it together with an application for state cadastral registration and state registration of rights in Rosreestr. In this case, as the lawyer explained NJUS "Emulex" Andrey Eremin, will not be required to make a notification of planned construction or reconstruction of these facilities, and notification of completion of construction or reconstruction.

What documents are needed

Until March 1, you need to have time to prepare a technical plan of a residential building or structure without notice of the planned construction and notice of completion.

These notifications are not difficult to fill in. The notice indicates the building area, the planned height of the building, the number of floors, as well as the layout of the building on the land. If the plan meets the standards of the town-planning code, there will be no problems.

The design documentation reflects architectural, engineering, functional and technological solutions for construction or reconstruction. The term of preparation of the technical plan, taking into account the need to leave a specialist, is 5-7 days.

Cost of project documentation

The project of the house with an area of 140 square meters will cost about 30-50 thousand rubles, - according to "Incom-real Estate". If the project model – 10 – 15 thousand rubles. However, if the house is not typical, then the cost of preparation of the project will increase.

Directly for the construction will require working documentation and a map of utilities. The turnkey project will cost about 90 – 100 thousand roubles, However to comply with the law enough to spend 15 – 20 thousand. the Amount may be less if the house area less than 100 square meters.

What happens if you ignore the changes

If you do not comply with any old or new order, then your house in the future may be recognized as self-building, with all the ensuing unpleasant consequences.

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