The earthquake in the Urals

earthquake, earthquake in the Urals, Ust-Katav earthquake, Typhoon Jebi

September 06th. On Wednesday night, the population of the Chelyabinsk region was frightened by the strongest earthquake in the last hundred years.

Katav-Ivanovsky municipal district got the most, where at 03:56 am an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 points on the Richter scale was recorded, at 12:27 the tremors repeated with a magnitude of 4.6 points. Asha, Ust-Katav and 17 other settlements were also in the zone of seismic activity.

According to preliminary data, in Katav-Ivanovsk 12 of 36 socially significant objects – schools, kindergartens and medical institutions suffered, cracks in 6 apartment houses were found, one of the plants was slightly damaged. Another 6 buildings were damaged in Ashe, 2 in Ust-Katava.

According to eyewitnesses, from 4 to 10:36 in the morning there were at least 12 strong tremors.

Far East

earthquake, earthquake in the Urals, Ust-Katav earthquake, Typhoon Jebi

Khabarovsk territory was under the influence of the strongest Typhoon "Jebi". On the eve of the cyclone roamed in full force. In the Soviet Harbor after a strong gust of wind tore off the roof of the school building number 1, and as a result of the impact of a fragment of the roof suffered 12-year-old girl, was introduced emergency mode.

According to weather forecasters, the cyclone will continue to rage until September 8. By the way, not only the Khabarovsk territory suffered from a cyclone. The Primorsky Krai and Sakhalin region were the first to feel its presence.

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