Obtaining temporary asylum and refugee status in the Russian Federation

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The unstable situation in Ukraine has forced thousands to flee Ukraine and seek refuge on the territory of the Russian Federation. Someone escapes with their relatives, and some of them have to begin life in a foreign country with a clean slate. Usually, for such people there are just 4 scenarios that depend on what status they decide to adopt in Russia.

The first 2 options – to obtain the status of refugee or forced migrant. Between these two concepts there is a difference. The most important difference is that the forced migrant status can only obtain those who have the citizenship of the Russian Federation. A third option is to ask for temporary shelter – this option is suitable for those who are considering Russia only as a "transit" point. The fourth option is to declare the desire to receive Russian citizenship. The last option it is also possible for refugees to decide that in the near future, they should not return to their homeland. Our portal has prepared a short instruction for those who want to get refugee status and does not want to lose it.

Manual for those who want to get refugee status

First, let's dispense with the very concept of "refugee". Under a refugee refers to a person who is outside his country, and has a justified fear of becoming a victim of persecution in your home country. Or persons without citizenship beyond limits of their previous residence and who cannot return to the country because of fears for his life and health. It should be remembered that all who came from the Ukraine to Russia, does not automatically become a refugee, this status need to get.

Who is eligible for refugee status?

This right is given:

- foreign citizens and persons without citizenship who reside on the territory of Russia on legal grounds;

- stateless persons who have arrived or wish to arrive on the territory of Russia;

- foreign nationals who have arrived or wish to arrive to Russia.

Who can deny:

- those who have committed a serious crime;

- war criminals (even if there is only a strong suspicion);

the citizens, for whom "the authority of the state in which they lived, recognizing the rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship of this state" (for example, serving in the army, etc.)

- if the person requesting this status, already has a permit for permanent residence in the territory of the Russian Federation;

- if a citizen of another country is married to a citizen of Russia (in this case the citizen has the right to obtain a permit for permanent residence in the territory of the Russian Federation);

- those who crossed the border, and did not have time during the day to apply for the refugee status (unless valid reason)

What it takes to get refugee status

First of all, it is necessary to submit the corresponding petition. This can be done:

- at the border control point;

- on the territory of Ukraine at the Consulate;

- in territorial body of the FMS at the place of legal residence (for those who already lived on the territory of the Russian Federation);

- in territorial body of the FMS or the police Department – during the day.

Then, the petition will be considered. The review is divided into two stages: preliminary and on the merits. After a preliminary examination, receive a voucher, which entitles you to place in the center of temporary accommodation, medical assistance and food. After the certificate is obtained, it is necessary to pass obligatory medical examination. Upon receipt of the certificate the passport of the citizen of Ukraine is given for safekeeping to the FMS.

Consideration of the merits lasts more than three months. If the answer is positive, then the applicant is issued a certificate. If applicant has minor children, information about them is also recorded in this identity. On this ID the bodies FMS refugee register. In case of failure you can either appeal the decision or should leave the territory of Russia – all this is given month.

A refugee has the right to:

- a lump sum benefit;

- on housing, which is provided from the Fund for temporary accommodation (accommodation can be as apartment and Dorm room). Distribution of persons recognized as refugees by the Government of the Russian Federation. Living in their accommodation allocated may not give him someone else.

- in the place of temporary residence to obtain medical care, food;

-assistance in vocational training or employment on an equal basis with citizens of the Russian Federation;

children of recognized refugees have the right to claim a place in a kindergarten, school, to enter UNIVERSITY on an equal basis with citizens of the Russian Federation;

- assistance in obtaining travel documents for travel outside Russia;

- have the right to apply for obtaining the right of permanent residence or acquisition of citizenship;

Duties of refugees

Persons granted this status are subject to the laws of the Russian Federation and once in a year and a half are required to undergo re-registration.

Temporary shelter

Citizens of Ukraine have the right to obtain refugee status. They can ask for temporary asylum. It is granted to those persons who have grounds for recognition as refugees or seek only a temporary residence permit, as well as those who do not have grounds for recognition as a refugee, but "out of humane motives cannot be deported beyond the territory of the Russian Federation".

Persons who received temporary asylum and have passed the examination receive a certificate. Such citizens are not entitled to lump sum allowance.


  1. Even when refugee status is present, it is only a temporary benefit limited to three years, after which it must be extended on an annual basis. Opponents of the law suggest that the process in and of itself is difficult to manage. Once a determination is made, the refugee should be free to live like all other residents of the country.

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