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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Cinderella, princes married to ordinary girls, the Royal family, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

May 21. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially registered their relationship on may 19, 2018, becoming husband and wife, as well as Duke and Duchess of Sussex. However, Megan is not the first girl from the people who received an honorary title after marriage.

Wedding of Prince Harry and actress Megan Markle breaks the tradition and breaks the stereotypes of old England. However, the young couple are not the first members of the Royal family, who ignored the rules for the sake of love. What kind of girls managed to become part of the monarch family and not lose their individuality?

King of England Edward VIII and Simpson Wales

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Cinderella, princes married to ordinary girls, the Royal family, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

King Edward VIII of England and the daughter of an American businessman, Walis Simpson met in a country estate of their mutual friends. At that time Wales was married the second time, her first husband was pilot of Winfield Spencer, the second - American businessman Ernest Simpson. The heir to the British crown (he was 36 at the time) was fascinated by his new friend. The interest was mutual. However, at that time the British government immediately followed the Royal Protocol, which forbade marrying girls of an unfamiliar kind, also divorced.

When king George V, father of Edward, died, the Prince entered into succession. Then Walis Simpson filed for divorce. It became clear that the couple was planning to get married. The king tried to circumvent the law for his beloved, but it was impossible: the king is the head of the Church of England, which prohibited marriage with person previously married. In addition, the chosen king did not belong to a noble family. A number of conservative politicians led by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin told the king that his beloved could not become a Royal wife. The policy was supported by the heads of almost all Commonwealth dominions except Ireland. The king was faced with a choice: either to give up the throne, or from his beloved woman. Edward VIII chose the first, having been on the throne for 10 months, not having to go through the coronation ceremony.

Justifying his refusal of the English throne, he said: "I found it impossible... to perform the duties of king without the support and help of the woman I love."

On December 10, 1936, the monarch signed the abdication of the throne for himself and his descendants. After Walis Simpson got a divorce, the couple was married, their Union lasted 35 years until the death of Edward. The Royal family did not appear at the wedding ceremony. Later, king George VI of great Britain gave the couple the title of Duke and Duchess of Windsor. American singer Harry Belafonte sang Edward's act in the song Love Alone. Their couple inspired American singer Madonna to make the film " WE. Believe in love.»

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Cinderella, princes married to ordinary girls, the Royal family, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Kate Middleton does not belong to a noble family. Her father is Michael from the middle class, her mother belongs to the working class. Kate's mother's ancestors were miners in Durham County. Parents Kate Middleton met on Board the plane. Michael was a pilot and Carol was a flight attendant. Later, the couple founded the company Party Pieces, thanks to which the family was able to get rich. Middleton company is engaged in the delivery of goods for the holidays by mail. Kate has a sister, Philip, and a brother, James.

Kate has been waiting for a marriage proposal from her lover for 10 years. The couple met while studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. They met during their studies, and then began to live together in the residence of Prince Charles. According to the Royal Protocol, the bride and groom before the wedding can not live together, the bride must be clean and pure before marriage. However, the Prince refused to follow these rules.

For the first time the public started talking about Kate as a girl heir to the British crown after the publication of photos of the couple in one tabloid, later Kate began to appear at various events with the participation of the Royal family. She and her parents were even invited to the graduation ceremony at the Royal Sandhurst military Academy, from which he graduated from Wylam. During their relationship the pair break up and getting back together more than once. As a result, in 2010, the couple announced their engagement.

In April 2011, Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. William refused to wear a wedding ring, arguing that he did not like to wear jewelry. Therefore, during the ceremony, contrary to tradition, the couple did not exchange rings. Only the bride wore the ring. Kate, in turn, also struck something off of the Protocol of the traditional Royal wedding. She never took an oath to be obedient to her husband's wife. After the wedding, Queen Elizabeth II granted the couple the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

To date, the couple has three children.

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