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How to obtain Italian citizenship in exchange for investment

March 05. What amount will be required to obtain Italian citizenship and what are the advantages of Italian taxation – in these and other...
mortgage refinancing how to refinance a mortgage, mortgage, mortgage for young families, #Refinansirovaniya, #mortgage

How to refinance a mortgage

22 Jan. Refinance mortgage loans is beneficial to both banks and debtors. How refinancing works in this field and how to do it just...
to obtain French citizenship, how to obtain a French passport, how to obtain French citizenship, French citizenship without money, # want_grancy_France, # want_citizenship_EC

How to get a French passport without investment

14 January. France is one of the few EU countries where one can obtain citizenship without significant investments in the local economy. Nevertheless, the...
bonus, thirteenth salary, the order of payment of the thirteenth salary after October 3, the changes in labour legislation 3 October 2016, changes to the Labour code of October 3, that will change October 3, 2016

And the prize will be then

22 of September. Many Russians will receive a thirteenth salary (or the award by the end of the year) in January, and in March...
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Jolie and pitt divorce

21 of September. News about the upcoming divorce of Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie became the most discussed topic in social networks, the hashtag...
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How to save money on the travel using Twitter

13 of August. Continuing the holidays and while some tourists are packing their bags, others read direction and value of the hotel. How to...
car rental, hourly car rental, car rental, short term rental, car sharing

A new kind of earnings for drivers

12 of August. Russian motorists have found a new way of earning money, they rent their cars in the rent. That is, until the...
India roads, traffic rules in India, how to travel in India

On the roads of India

Decided to relax in India? Then leave your driving license at home – you don't need. Why? Talk about it in this article. In India...
hybrid cars, the battery of the Prius, the laws of operation of hybrid cars

The laws of operation of hybrids

Begin a series of articles about hybrid cars. More and more often on the roads of the city can be found in hybrid cars. The...
проблема с беженцами, помощь беженцам, беженцы из Украины

Heavy burden of hospitality

How to help Ukrainian refugees settle in Russia. When in the news there are reports that millions of refugees are currently in Russia, the news...
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