Refugees from Ukraine: where to go, where to go

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The situation in Ukraine does not stabilize, the cities of the South-East of Ukraine continues to shell the national guard. All this does not add calmness to the citizens of these regions. Many are forced to leave their homes in search of safer places. Many people choose the location of Russia.

But in order to get to a safe place as Russia, refugees have to overcome a lot of difficulties. The only currently safe place for refugees to the Russian crossing "Matveev Kurgan". Everyone who got there, to tell about difficult road and yet another test – Ukrainian checkpoint "Uspenka", where they were robbed of the last money, possessions and values.

Overcome all the obstacles, the refugees on the territory of Russia. In front of them immediately the questions arise: "What to do now? Where to go?".

Citizens of Ukraine who believe that their lives and health in danger in Ukraine and wish to stay in Russia, can qualify for refugee status or temporary asylum. To obtain refugee status or temporary asylum, it is necessary to address in territorial body FMS of Russia at the place of temporary residence. The refugees promised support and assistance.

Most refugees arrive in the border town of Russia. Particular influx is observed in the Belgorod and Rostov regions. Arriving in any city of Russia, refugees should be consulted or in territorial body of the Federal migration service or in local governments.

So, in Tula, refugees should be addressed to F. Engelsa, d. 137 (you can also pre-dial the hotline: +7 (4872) 304-878).

In the city of Rostov-on-don, refugees may apply to the Ministry of labour and social development of the Rostov region to the address: Lermontov's street, d. 161, K. 113 (or call by phone: +7 (863) 234-17-22).

In Sevastopol, refugees can apply to the address: ul. Ostryakova, d. 15.

In Voronezh refugees will be assisted at the address: St. January 9, d. 54, KAB. 5 (you can pre-register by phone +7 (473) 276-66-92, or to hear information by phone +7 (473) 271-21-01).

In the city of Belgorod refugees should contact the Belgorod prospectus, d. b (you can call: +7 (4722) 32-68-61, +7 (4722) 32-64-24, +7 (4722) 35-60-05).

In Yekaterinburg refugees waiting at St. Krylov, D. 2 (refugees can call by phones: +7 (343) 231-21-32 (hotline) helpline - +7 (343) 216-89-68, in case of any questions +7 (343) 216-85-72).

In St. Petersburg there is a hotline for refugees and internally displaced persons +7 (812) 541-85-54.

In Moscow, the refugees can apply at St. Brick, building 2, or call by phone +7 (499) 369-07-81.

At the address, be sure to help and advise, what and how to do next. To obtain refugee status in the Russian Federation, you will need to fill in the application. The petition shall state the reasons for the relocation (for example, war, threat of violence because of religious beliefs, ethnicity, etc.) and enclosed a number of documents:

- passport or other document proving the identity;

- certificate of marriage, divorce, birth of children;

- military ID;

- pension certificate.

With these documents, you must contact the territorial authority of the FMS, to write a petition for recognition of himself and his family refugees. After hearing the application, the FMS shall issue a decision on recognition / refusal to recognize man and his family refugees. If successful an appropriate certificate. It is valid for 3 years, but it may be extended. In case of refusal, the decision can be appealed in court.

Not granted refugee status to the following categories of persons:

- have civil responsibilities to the state from which the persons left,(this includes unpaid taxes, conscription, etc.) – these obligations must be officially recognized by the competent authorities of the country of former residence (e.g., a court);

- homeland has committed serious crimes not of a political nature;

- those who already have a residence permit;

- a suspect in the Commission of crimes against peace and humanity;

- a suspect in the Commission of a war crime

What are the advantages of refugee status

Why do we need refugee status? First of all, in order to be able to improve their lives in a different state. Refugees in Russia are eligible for the allocation of living space (apartment or room), meals, a lump sum payment. Also, this status allows refugees to officially get a job and pay tax on the income of individuals in a smaller size (the citizens of another state in 2014 personal income tax rate of 30%).

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