Bankruptcy of travel companies

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06 August. On the eve of another tour operator announced the termination of its work. The investigative Committee together with the Moscow Prosecutor's office announced the start of mass checks. Bankruptcy of major tour operators will not pass unnoticed for the market. Today the issue of regulating the activities of tour operators, will be discussed at the government meeting the Federal tourism Agency, the Ministry of culture and representatives of this market.

On the eve of Vladimir Medinsky (Minister of culture) told me that on the 06 August meeting, which will discuss the issue of changing the principles of regulation of the tourism market. In the context of this conference the Ministry of culture and Rosturizm plans to introduce a package of measures on toughening of state regulation of this market. Currently in the official register of tour operators is 1.7 thousand companies. Vladimir Medinsky believes that this number is not true.

At the government meeting it is planned to increase the barrier to entry of companies into the tourist market. In addition, it is proposed to set the mandatory minimum size of the authorized capital, to increase contributions to the Fund "Turpomosch" (nowadays tour operators are paid once a year on 100 thousand rbl. plus of 0.1% of turnover). It is also planned to introduce a system of mandatory licensing, mandatory disclosure requirements owners information, Bank guarantee for major tour operators. Medinsky believes that the role of the regulatory body are traceable to the Federal Agency for tourism.

However, the operators doubt that this package of measures will help to improve the situation on the market. Maya Lomidze (Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR)) believes that simply increasing financial burden on tour operators or to him will not do any good. At the government meeting ATOR plans to offer a new system of providing financial responsibility (like car insurance).

Changing the order of regulation of the tourism market is the government's response to a series of bankruptcies that have occurred over the last month. It all started on July 16, when bankruptcy was declared the company "Neva". After about impossibility to execute the obligations before clients informed "wind rose World", "Expo-tour" and "Labyrinth". 05 August, a similar statement was made by the tour operator "Intaer". The main causes of bankruptcy – the growth of the exchange rate, a fall in consumer demand and unstable political situation. This is stated in the message of the tour operator "Intaer". According to ATOR the number of victims from bankruptcy of tour operators is estimated at 1.7 million people, about 500 people are still abroad, another 1.2 thousand people cannot go on a previously purchased vouchers.


This tour operator works since 1992 to 30 destinations. The structure of the tour operator consists of two companies – open company "Intaer travel" and LLC "Indicator". From the Internet of the "Political class" has learned that both organizations belong to Alexander Corbara. Tour operator's liability is insured in "RESO-Guarantees" (the sum of 60 million roubles). Representatives of strahovska stated that they intend to fulfill the obligations before the exhaustion of the limit of the contract. Full registry of victims yet it was not provided, say the representatives of "RESO-Guarantee". Oleg Safonov (the head of the Federal tourism Agency) estimated amount of liabilities to customers "Indicator" in 40 million roubles.

Mass bankruptcy of tour operators already interested in law enforcement. The investigative Committee 04 August announced the beginning of operation check "Labyrinth" and "Neva". 05 August, about the beginning of check of "Labyrinth", "Intaer" and "Ideal Tour,"said the Prosecutor's office of Moscow and the CPS.

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