Ukrainian refugees will be able to quickly obtain a temporary residence permit in Russia

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17 of June. In the State Duma proposes to make some amendments to the existing legislation to facilitate the obtaining of a temporary residence permit for refugees from Ukraine.

This was announced by Vladimir Pligin (member of United Russia and Chairman of the lower house Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction).

On last June 17 meeting at the headquarters of the faction United Russia, Piligin stated that the most important thing that "the Federal migration service have an understanding of the existing problems. Refugees from Ukraine are not applied administrative penalties for violation of term of stay in Russia (at present permitted period of stay is 90 days)".

Vladimir Piligin believes that further sanctions were not applied, it is necessary to adjust the legislation in force, or to speed up the procedure of obtaining permission for temporary residence in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Under current law this permit is issued for up to 3 years.

Piligin explained that the second option was discussed with the leadership of the Federal migration service. However, the Agency has received an opportunity to accelerate the permitting process, it is necessary to amend the existing government regulation.

The MP stressed that resolving it, "we will be able to solve the problem of quotas for Ukrainian citizens for employment purposes".

The adjustment of the Federal budget

Andrei Isayev (member of "United Russia" and the head of the State Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ' Affairs) believes that the Federal budget should also be adjusted. It is necessary to provide funds for refugees from Ukraine.

The Deputy noted that "the flow of refugees increases, costs also increase. The regions and public organizations cannot provide in full the content of these refugees."

Andrei Isayev sure that the solution on refugees must be taken urgently, before the end of the spring session. Should "or to make changes to the Federal budget, or to apply to Reserve Fund".

The MP said that "today, judging from the Committee reports, the biggest problem causing the children of school age. They are placed in sanatoriums and rest homes. However, such a stay is only possible until September, and then must be put before the government of the Russian Federation questions about the temporary placement of children in boarding schools, on the formation of adaptive classes for teaching these children – program in Russian and Ukrainian schools differ significantly" - said the Deputy. Andrei Isayev also said that "still not resolved the question of who will Finance the stay of children in camps and rest homes".

Medical assistance to refugees

Olga Borzov (Deputy Chairman of the state Duma on Affairs of women, children and families), in turn, drew attention to issues relating to health care. For example, it led Rostov region, medical services to the refugees find themselves, at the expense of sponsorship. "This is beyond legal status, possessed by citizens of Ukraine on the territory of Russia". She stressed that among the refugees there are wounded.

"Russian legislation allows to receive free medical care only to those people. Which insured on the territory of the Russian Federation. Foreign nationals do not have refugee status, can receive medical care only for emergency indications that threaten the life," - explained Olga Borzov.

Otari Arshba (first Deputy head of the faction "United Russia"), in closing the meeting, noted that "the most important thing is to collect all possible States together and to make focused and specific". He noted that "unfortunately, the refugee problem is not a problem for one day, it will not end at the end of summer, children are unlikely to return to their homes by autumn, it will be necessary to distribute to children in kindergartens and schools. It all needs financing, because the regions themselves with such costs not cope," he concluded.

Refugees from Ukraine in Russia

Pavel Astakhov (Commissioner of the Russian President on the rights of the child) on Tuesday announced that from June 8, Voronezh region conducts reception of citizens of Ukraine. More than 830 people have been accommodated in the region during this period.

Sunday Pavel Astakhov said that during the day the border was crossed by more than 10 thousand refugees from Ukraine. Sunday Astakhov has informed that in the Rostov region total for the day drove over 13 thousand refugees from Ukraine.

The head of the FMS at the same time reported that in recent years sharply increased the number of applications for citizenship and residence permit. With the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, more than 5 thousand citizens of Ukraine appealed to the Russian Federal migration service.

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