Migrants will be more difficult to find a job in Russia

employment in Russia, a patent to a foreigner, a foreign citizen working in Russia

May 24. It will be more difficult to get a patent that gives the right to work in Russia. The Ministry of labour and social development has prepared a bill that provides for new restrictions for migrants from visa-free countries.

As explained in the Ministry of labor, now under the law on the legal status of foreign citizens, the Governor of the region has the right to decide on the indication in the patent issued in the region, specialty, profession or type of work of the migrant acquiring it.

The Ministry of labor proposes to give the regions additional rights, in particular, to approve the specialty and profession, which in the region, in principle, can be issued a patent.

That is, if, for example, the regional authorities consider that the region does not need migrants in the role of road workers, locksmiths or cooks because there are enough specialists in these professions, it will be impossible to obtain a patent for working in these professions in the region. Accordingly, the migrant will not be able to work in these specialties. Such a migrant will have to look for another region for legitimate work.

The Ministry of labor noted that these amendments will create conditions for the employment of migrants in certain areas, the involvement of which is due to the need for specialists of certain qualifications. In addition, the approval of such lists will contribute to the priority employment of Russians and reduce tension in the labor market.

employment in Russia, a patent to a foreigner, a foreign citizen working in Russia

In addition, the governors are proposed to secure the right to set limits on the issuance of patents, depending on the various indicators of social and economic development of the region.

However, the President of the Fund "Migration XXI century" Vyacheslav Postavnin believes that the adoption of such a bill will lead to the expansion of the shadow market of foreign labor. In his opinion, the number of migrants working illegally in Russia is much higher than those who have acquired a patent.

"While Russia has open borders for residents of countries with which Russia has visa – free relations, despite the fact that in these countries there is a high level of unemployment, and Russia is one of the main consumers of the labor force of them, the introduction of additional restrictions on the acquisition of patents, will mean only one – the introduction of restrictions on the legal work of migrants, "- said the correspondent of" Political class " Vyacheslav Postavnin. Moreover, residents of the EAEU countries also often work in Russia – without restrictions and patents. In 2017, there were almost 5 million such migrants.

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