Compensation payments and pensions of refugees. Who is eligible and how to get

how to get lump sum cash benefits to the refugees, refugees are entitled to pensions, social pensions in the Russian Federation, the unemployment benefit to refugees

Refugees from Ukraine it's useful to know about the assistance offered by the government of the Russian Federation.

The person who received the certificate of refugee status, and who arrived with him his family members are entitled to:

- receive services of an interpreter, obtaining information on the procedure for recognizing a person as a refugee, their rights and responsibilities and other information;

- assistance in providing travel and Luggage transportation to the place of stay;

- a lump sum benefit to each family member in the amount and manner established by the Government of the Russian Federation, but not below 100 roubles;

- for housing;

- to food and medical care;

- pension

- receive assistance in a direction on vocational training or employment on an equal basis with Russian citizens. The government encourages the desire of refugees to get a job, work and support yourself and your family. Because the refugees is in any case not parasites, it's people, forced to find themselves in this situation.

Refugees are entitled to pension

Entitled to a pension under the legislation of the Russian Federation of persons arriving in the territory of the Russian Federation from Ukraine, is dependent on their status. Russian citizens living in Ukraine and in the Russian Federation, are entitled to pension benefits according. with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Citizens of Ukraine are entitled to pension benefits under the condition of permanent residence in the territory of the Russian Federation, confirmed by the residence permit issued by a local Federal migration service office.

Persons who have obtained refugee status, the right to pension benefits are equal to those of citizens of the Russian Federation for the whole period of refugee status, which is confirmed by a refugee certificate issued to the person of the territorial FMS.

Persons with temporary asylum, the right to pension benefits have not.

In order to receive a Russian pension, persons arriving from the territory of Ukraine, submit the following documents:

- document that certifies the identity (for citizens of the Russian Federation is the Russian passport for foreign nationals is a residence permit, for persons in the status of refugees – the refugee certificate);

- disabled family members;

- on the death of the breadwinner (the breadwinner) and its sister relationship with him;

- the establishment of disability;

- on the length of service, average monthly earnings for any 60 months of work in a row before 01.01.2002;

- pension file and information about the termination of pension payment in Ukraine, which must be confirmed by the authority responsible for pension provision at the previous place of residence.

If a citizen of Ukraine there is no possibility to submit documents on length of service and average monthly salary, him on reaching a certain age (60 years for women and 65 for men) can be assigned to the social pension for old age (provided that the citizen will confirm permanent residence on the territory of the Russian Federation or a citizen of refugee status).

If a citizen of Ukraine cannot provide information on termination payments in Ukraine, the person applying for the appointment of the Russian pension, should additionally submit an application, in which it alone specifies information about the timing of the cessation of payment of pensions in Ukraine, and shall, upon receipt of the information preporucena to pay the amount of the pension, if such facts are established.

In addition, residents of Ukraine who have a residence permit or refugee status are entitled to apply for pension survivor's pension or disability, regardless of age. For this purpose it is necessary to submit the following documents:

- for a pension for loss of breadwinner – the documents confirming related relations with the deceased breadwinner, the instruments of his death;

- for purposes of disability pension – a document on the establishment of disability. If this document is not, you need to undergo a medical examination in the territory of the Russian Federation.

From 1 April 2014 the amount of social pensions in the Russian Federation:

disabled since childhood Gruppi, children with disabilities qualify for a pension in the amount of RUB 10376,86;

Disabled Gruppi, children who have lost both parents, the disabled since childhood of II group – RUB 8647,51;

social pension (old-age – men aged 65 and women aged 60 years), invalids of II group, persons who have lost one parent – 4323,74 rubles;

- to invalids of III group – RUB 3675,20

Whether refugees or internally displaced persons the right to receive unemployment benefits

The unemployed are persons who do not have work and earnings, registered in employment services in order to find a suitable job and ready immediately to start. Sometimes employment service is denied to refugees and internally displaced persons in the assignment of unemployed status, citing the lack of a person's residence. Remember that in any normative act of registration was not a word. The refusal can be challenged in court.

Some of the issues that concern the citizens of Ukraine, arriving in Russia

1) That the issue before the refugee status or Russian citizenship? If you finally decided to move to Russia, to hurry to obtain Russian citizenship, should not be. The first step is to solve the problem with the property which have remained in the country of your former location. After all, becoming in his own country "foreigners", you may lose the right, for example, to privatize the apartment and sell it and other restrictions.

If seeking citizenship too much, we can first obtain refugee status, to move to Russia and immediately state that you wish to obtain citizenship and forced migrant status.

2) is it Possible to have dual citizenship? The legislation of the Russian Federation does not prohibit to have dual citizenship.

3) Where to live for as long as the application for recognition as a refugee or forced migrant? The laws regulating the status of refugees and internally displaced persons, said about providing those in need of residential premises (apartments or rooms in dormitory) from housing.

What you need to get a lump sum allowance to refugees

The person who obtained the certificate on consideration of the application for recognition the refugee in territory of the Russian Federation essentially has the right to apply to the territorial body of the FMS in which the person is registered, to receive a lump sum payment. This statement also indicates minor members of the family. By submitting the application, the person must show proof.

Territorial body of the Federal migration service within one day of receipt of the application, review it, makes a decision and issues the applicant a certificate to receive the funds.

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