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Ukraine: chronicle of events March 19

19 of March. The day began with a statement by Arseniy Yatsenyuk (Prime Minister) in which he severely condemned the actions of the deputies...
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Ukraine declared its desire to introduce a visa regime with Russia

19 of March. NSDC (national security Council and defense of Ukraine) has decided to introduce visa regime with Russia. Andriy Parubiy (acting Secretary of...
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Russia and Japan: the results of cooperation in 2013

19 of March, 2014. Deputy Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Likhachev, who is also currently head of delegation at the sixth Russian-Japanese...
The U.S. and Ukraine

The U.S. refuses to recognize the results of referendum in Crimea

17 of March, 2014. The White house announces that Barack Obama is the U.S. President said that the United States and the international community...
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95.7% of Crimeans for joining Russia

17 of March, 2014. At the moment handled about 75% of all ballots. For joining Russia voted 95.7% of voters – this was reported...
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The United States refused to Ukraine in military aid

14 of March, 2014 the newspaper the Wall Street Journal published an article that the US decided not to provide the new authorities of...
The U.S. and Russia

U.S. warns of possible sanctions

USA hope to resolve the existing in Ukraine the situation peacefully. The white house warns that if Russia does not agree to a peaceful...
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News from Kiev: a chronicle of the past cases

The situation in Kiev is getting more and more heated. The authorities are trying to encourage the rioters to surrender their weapons and release...
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The clashes with the protesters in Thailand: there are victims

February 18, 2014. In the capital of Thailand in clashes with protesters injured two police officers, one killed. Reuters reports that the police had to...
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The record for simultaneous registration of marriages

16 of February, 2014 in Mexico more than 1,500 couples have registered their relationship at the same time. Immediately 1590 couples have registered their relationships...
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