The U.S. refuses to recognize the results of referendum in Crimea

The U.S. and Ukraine

17 of March, 2014. The White house announces that Barack Obama is the U.S. President said that the United States and the international community will never recognize the referendum in Crimea. About the same time, Obama said bluntly in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The U.S. President said that he considers the referendum in Crimea a violation of Ukrainian Constitution. Also the US President expressed the idea that there is a possibility of a diplomatic solution to the situation. According to Obama, John Kerry (U.S. Secretary of state)still will continue to work with Sergey Lavrov (Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation) on the search for such a diplomatic solution that satisfies all parties.

Vladimir Putin, in turn, noted that the referendum in the Crimea conforms to all applicable norms of international law, the UN Charter. At the same time, residents could freely Express their will and to gain independence. Nobody forced people to vote in favour of joining Russia.

Both presidents agreed that it is necessary to jointly seek ways to stabilize the situation in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin asked his foreign colleague on the fact that the current government of Ukraine I Express my reluctance and inability to deal with rampant ultranationalist and radical groups that destabilize the situation in the country and terrorizing local residents. Among locals and Russian-speaking population. It gives Russia the opportunity to send the monitoring mission of the OSCE in Ukraine. In this case, the President of the Russian Federation noted that the activities of this mission should extend to all regions of Ukraine.

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