reducing the cost of air travel

Soon it is expected to reduce the cost of flights

18 of February, 2014. The bill, which aims to reduce the cost of flights, has been approved by the government Commission on legislative activities....
officials will be required to pass the tests, applicants for the post of clerk, I want to become an officer

Future officials will be obliged to pass the tests

18 of February, 2014. The Ministry of labour and social development has prepared a bill that would force all candidates for the position of...
amendments to the SDA

Amendments to the SDA: it is useful to know pedestrians

18 of February, 2014. On a Single portal of legal information published draft amendments to the Rules of the road, containing a provision on...
the war in Afghanistan, war Afghanistan 1979, the war in Afghanistan in 1989, the war in Afghanistan

25 years of withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan

15 of February, 2014 Russia has celebrated the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Lee learned a lesson from the events of...
Social refills

Social refills

11 of february 2014, the head of the Union of oil Industrialists suggested, to differentiate the price of gasoline depending on the income of...
Festival Meyerhold

Festival “I`m Meyerhold”

10 February 2014 in Moscow the theatrical festival dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the classic of Russian avant-garde. The festival will last a week....
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