Future officials will be obliged to pass the tests

officials will be required to pass the tests, applicants for the post of clerk, I want to become an officer

18 of February, 2014. The Ministry of labour and social development has prepared a bill that would force all candidates for the position of clerk to pass mandatory tests. In addition, higher education now will not be enough to join the ranks of officials. All agencies will have to search for professionals and then assess the activity of competitors in KPI system – key performance indicators.
The bill is aimed at creating an effective system of selection of officials. The Ministry also prepared a number of amendments to the law "On state civil service", which should define criteria for the selection of candidates and evaluation of their activities. All amendments to a certain extent will toughen requirements to entering government service. However, it will help to employ may not be perfect, but well trained people.

The Ministry of labour and social development also proposed to differentiate qualification requirements for public servants, by introducing 3 levels of requirements:

- base;

- functional;

- special

Basic qualification requirements – skills and knowledge that should be possessed by every government. For example, knowledge of the Constitution of the Russian language, etc. Also on the basic level of required knowledge in the field of it (information technology), i.e. the level of computer skills. All applicants for the position of civil servant will have to pass tests of basic level.

Dmitry Basnak (head of development Department of public service) told that they have developed a test consisting of 600 questions. He explained that the test will be constantly updated, and you later create a mechanism that will take into account all the results of the test. These results will be valid for one year. If during this year the applicant did not get the coveted post, then the test he has to take over.

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