You have a thousand or problems with insurance policies in Khabarovsk

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Since the beginning of 2014 company car insurance, experiencing frustration of their customers. More than 90% of the Khabarovsk companies currently offer more costly, alternative to ordinary car insurance or refuse customers.

Khabarovsk motorists are sounding the alarm: insurance companies impose an additional service, or completely refuse to insure the car, citing the lack of forms. What to do with it? After all, insurance ends and you stop the traffic police do not explain what you wanted to insure the machine, but forms no.

The false alternative

"I called all the insurance companies, complaining about Anatoly (the motorist with 15 years of experience) from the city of Khabarovsk. – I said, "no Forms, wait a few weeks. You can join the queue. That for a disgrace? Where are all the forms?".

With the shortage of forms was faced not only Khabarovsk. Motorists from other cities also complain about the lack of forms. This situation arose in the beginning of the year, by the end of March it escalated to the limit. And this situation has affected all regions of our vast country.

Insurance companies are massively failing their clients in the conclusion of contracts OSAGO, citing the fact that they have no forms. Supposedly they should appear in a week or a month – exactly when, nobody can say.

If you suddenly have the forms insurance companies are, we can only insuring life, because of this, the cost of insurance increases significantly. And so do some insurance companies, forcing people to enter into contracts of insurance on such terms. People with nothing left to do but to agree with this, because if you stop the traffic police, no discounts on the deficiency forms will not. The act States: no claim, no machine, that is, if the driver lacks insurance policy of civil liability, it is held liable to a fine and placing the machine on the penalty Parking.

This situation interested Supervisory authorities. Thus, the FAS of the Kirov region said that the forms that insurance companies are stated as spent, just couldn't physically be in demand. It was therefore decided to conduct audits of insurance companies on the subject of the cartel.

With regard to the situation in Khabarovsk, Nikolai Kostroma (the chief of Department of Antimonopoly control UFAS in the Khabarovsk region) announced that regional UFAS has recorded 20 complaints against insurance companies, or to impose costly additional services, or simply refuse to insure, motivating refusal by absence of forms.

Nikolai Kostroma stated that the FAS is not in any way seriously affect the situation, because they are designed to deal with monopoly in the market, which in this case, a cartel is also not confirmed.

The only thing that recommend to motorists to apply for the design of insurance policy registered mail – this will allow in the future to prove the fact of treatment to the insurance company and the receipt of the insurance company of the application or avoidance of the insurance from its satisfaction without a good reason.

If you impose an additional service, you should contact the Roskomnadzor. If the refusal is motivated by the absence of forms, you should complain "Bank of Russia", which deals with the control over the activities of insurance companies. It is the "Bank of Russia" can check the actual presence or absence of OSAGO forms and their number. You can also contact the Russian Union of auto insurers: it approves the procedure for provision forms for insurance companies.

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