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The country is now in the investigation of insurance companies that sell insurance policies for drivers.

As it turned out, greedy insurers are trying to benefit wherever possible. Even on policies for drivers. Everyone knows that without this document a car are not allowed on the road. And for some time now and can not pass inspection.

But buying a cherished policy is now in most regions of Russia is very problematic. No, the policy is that you can buy, but with various unnecessary "options" in the bargain. So even with such a seemingly frivolous thing, as the sale of insurance policies, the oversight office also had to deal with. And now we are known for incredible things!

Now, according to the press service of the Ministry in Murmansk oblast, the Prosecutor's office carries out a full check of the organizations because of the many violations of the rights of owners of the contract CTP.

This problem occurred last year, but by the end of that year incredibly aggravated. Most likely, someone very clever in the insurance companies realized that people can't leave the office without the insurer's policy. This means that he will have to buy not only the policy, but also everything that adds to it.

If the client does not agree with this additional "service", then he certainly can go to another company, but there he would offer a similar solution. And buy "clean" automobile liability insurance policy that is called pure, for some reason the citizens can't. No, they never said no to one company, didn't say directly that do not sell "pure" liability insurance just. But for those who demanded a clean policy, could not find the forms.

Today, according to the press service of the Prosecutor's office of Murmansk region, in the verification process, it became clear that regional subsidiaries of large insurance companies impose on motorists when making third party car insurance policy additional options. This may include life insurance for the driver and the lives of his relatives and property.

The Prosecutor's office is not randomly expressed interest in the sale of insurance policies. Because the number of complaints against insurance companies was simply incredible.

The first audit demonstrated that without the purchase of additional insurance, the insurers did not accept applications for receiving the CTP. It should be noted that the law forbids to refuse the sale of such policy. But actually, the people refused, and found the Prosecutor's office, it was motivated by failures of the program and the lack of forms.

By results of check by Prosecutor's office of the city of Severomorsk were made a submission to the offices of the company. Those are very promptly answered, the leaders recognized violations that are found. But punish employees who, according to insurance companies, they thought all these bullying people.

In response to the submission of the prosecution, the executives said that the decision on the termination of contracts with the guilty agents.

But, as reported in Prosecutor's office, such violations are widespread and continue in other insurance companies. Therefore, procuratorial bodies verify compliance with laws on CTP throughout the region.

But such complexity is not only in this region. If you believe the complaints on the Internet, the same problem with CTP are found in other regions of Russia.

The sudden absence of the forms by the end of the year happened in all insurance companies of Siberia and Central district.

One of the readers complains that the company of the Urals require a co-pay 1200-2000 rubles for life insurance, or will not receive a motor vehicle liability insurance. And even punishment Antimonopoly service did not help, because the fines are much lower profits.

Another participant of the discussion, notes that companies in the South of the country also have problems with the motor. Are they imposing of rooms for 2 thousand rubles. In this appeal to another firm fails, there is the same problem: either the computer hangs or forms no.

So, dear citizens, when buying a CTP do not succumb to provocations by insurance agents and in the case of extortion brasitas to appropriate services for help in solving the problem.

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