A course to the East

Vladimir Putin, Putin in Shanghai, Russia and China

Russia holds the path to the East. In the framework of his official visit the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has managed to achieve a lot: between China and Russia was signed more than 40 contracts. No wonder the Russian President was accompanied by a delegation consisting of TOP managers of the largest Russian companies.

Vladimir Putin's visit ended on 21 of may. In the framework of this visit, the President participated in the international Summit of the conference on interaction and confidence building measures in Asia. In the framework of the official visit between companies of the two countries signed a series of cooperation agreements. Not only "Gazprom" has signed with China an agreement, but also concluded contracts in the sphere of energy, construction, industry and tourism.

"Rosneft" signed an agreement with China on the term of commissioning of the refinery in the city Tanssii. The Russian company SIBUR and Chinese Morespecifically the agreement on the establishment of the rubber factory, which will produce butadiene – nitrile rubber. The plant capacity of 50 thousand tons per year. This polymer is used in oil drilling, food and aviation industries. The plant will operate in Shanghai using Russian technology. It was also signed a loan agreement with Eximbank (the export-import Bank of China) and Vnesheconombank. The agreement concerns the financing of the development of the Elga coal Deposit. It is planned to allocate $500 million.

Russian Alliance "EUROCEMENT group" has signed a number of agreements with Chinese partners. The total amount of these agreements exceeded $500 million plan to build plants for the production of cement in Ryazan, Leningrad, Ulyanovsk, Bryansk, Samara and Arkhangelsk regions.

By 2017 it is planned to construct in the Tula region, the factory of the Chinese company GreatWallMotors. The company is engaged in the production of cars. Investment in the project will total about $520 million at full capacity is planned for 2020. In the aviation environment also signed an important agreement. Commercial aircraft company of China and United aircraft Corporation signed a contract under which it is planned joint development of wide-body passenger aircraft.

Contracts on strategic cooperation was also signed the "Chinese Railways" and Railways. These companies plan to develop infrastructure that links China and Russia.

Vladimir Putin, Putin in Shanghai, Russia and China

Mutually beneficial cooperation

Analysts argue that the agreement was signed at the meeting, mutually beneficial to China and Russia. China from the cooperation with Russia will seriously benefit in terms of diversification of energy supplies, Russia will get investment.

Chinese firms will also benefit from such cooperation. So, the Chinese automaker GreatWallMotors will get new development. The construction of the plant in Russia will help the company to reduce production costs and to improve the image. According to Hexun (Chinese).

However, despite all of these contracts, the key deal is the gas deal. We will remind, the second day of the official visit marked the conclusion of a contract on natural gas supplies between Chinese CNPCи Russian "Gazprom". Under the agreement, Russia will supply China with 38 billion cubic meters of gas a year for 30 years. The amount of the transaction about $400 billion This agreement, the parties tried to conclude the last 10 years.

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