Problem with CTP in the Volgograd region. How to deal with dishonest insurance companies

CTP Volgograd region, Volgograd CTP

The problems with insurance policies now exist in all regions of our vast country. And here the Volgograd region is no exception. A large part of the Volgograd companies offer CTP "load" in the form of additional services.

With insurance policy, motorists are encouraged to insure the life (or their relatives). Moreover, insurance agents refuse to insure the vehicle until it is insured life. What to do with it? – we now try to understand.

And don't lie if hour insurance companies

Russian Union of car insurers reports that there is no shortage of forms in any of the subjects of the Russian Federation no. However, RAMI said that "some difficulties with forms from insurance companies can be observed". The thing is that in the summer of 2013, insurance companies were divided into 5 groups of resistance. The forms of the policies they were allocated by quota. So, companies recognized the most reliable, and those in the first group stability, get the forms without any restrictions. But the company caught in a group of "unreliable" receive a limited number of forms.

How to deal with dishonest insurance companies

You should remember several easy steps:

Write the statement to the insurer with a demand to insure the car

Wait for written response. In case of refusal of issuing the policy the company is obliged to specify the reason of such decision.

If the company persists – write the application in Management of Federal Antimonopoly service across the Volgograd region. 400005, Volgograd, street 7 Guards, 12, tel. (8442) 24-22-79.

However, this procedure is suitable to deal not with all insurance companies. Only dominant on the market of insurance services of the company ("Rosgosstrakh"), the Antimonopoly service could apply measures. In other cases, you should contact the court or, in the case where there are violations of consumer rights, you should contact CPS.

We have decided to conduct my research and called around to all companies providing services in motor insurance. In all companies we were told that the forms don't, go to another insurance company. Some admitted that the forms still there, but only for regular customers. In 90% of us companies offered CTP "load".

Simple math

This situation occurred not only in Volgograd, but also in Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and other regions.

Motorists believe it is the collusion of insurance companies across the country. Insurance companies think otherwise. The representative of one insurance company said that "tariffs on OSAGO remain at the same level since 2003. During this time the prices for everything have risen and in order to stay in business, insurers have to promote "package deals". According to him, in the year 2003 with 100 clients, insurers received 10 thousand rubles, now at best 5 thousand rubles.

But the fact that the insurance companies tired of selling policies "without loads" should not become a problem for motorists! "Supervisory authorities practically does not check the activity of insurance companies – I'm sure Denis (driver with 10 years driving experience). – Only one insurance company punished for denying his insurance policy".

The opinion of the Supervisory authority

The representative of the FAS said the following: "If you are faced with a refusal to insure your vehicle or you had to insure it with additional services, please contact us. Your message must include proof of the fact of unmotivated refusal from the provision of insurance services. For example, the Express reference to the need to conclude the life insurance contract in the text of the contract CTP. Or written waiver of the insurer. An oral waiver is not proof. You can also lock the dialogue with the insurer on your mobile phone or recorder".

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