What will happen to the cryptocurrency market in 2019

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18 Feb. The cryptocurrency market is finally stable: digital money is no longer rising in price, but is not falling. In this article we will tell you what to expect from bitcoin and other "crypts" in the near future.

In recent months, the price of cryptocurrency has not changed. In early January 2019, Bitcoin was trading at $3746, now - $3696. Most of the events that could seriously affect the course, such as the beginning of the platform from Fidelity Investment, the launch of the Bitcoin-ETF platform, Bakkr and others are postponed. All events must occur in the course of the year, but as the market had "calmed down."

Of course, there are still altcoins, the cost of which is changing dramatically, but in General the situation has stabilized. At the beginning of 2019, the capitalization of all digital money was at $ 125 billion, at the moment - $122 billion.

Experts believe that 2019 might be a period of "reset" to market the crypt.

"For the further development of the market, it will be extremely important to launch more liquid instruments for bitcoin. First of all, we are talking about the SEC agreeing on the possibility of launching cryptocurrency ETFs. The office is currently considering an application from SolidX and VanEck. This application has a real chance of approval. If the application is approved, the liquidity of the market will increase, and we will see an increase in turnover in the market and, perhaps, the growth of the bitcoin exchange rate," Vice President of development and regulation of the market VALERY Petrov is sure.

cryptocurrency, bitcoin, cue ball, what will happen to the crypt, bitcoin rate, Bitcoin rate, what will happen to the crypt in 2019, bitcoin 2019

According to the expert, an important condition for the renovation of the cryptocurrency market will be the entry into force of legislative acts adopted in 2018. The trend towards self-regulation, followed by the most advanced jurisdictions, such as Japan, is particularly highlighted.

Russia, of course, lags behind this process, the slowdown may lead to the loss of potential investors and the relocation of projects to more loyal jurisdictions. The General trend will move towards tightening, which should lead to the growth of professional investors and investment funds that will be able to invest in real projects of the platform type.

Market prospects will also be determined by the success of major projects such as TON and the growing attention to blockchain technology from global players such as IBM, Facebook and others.

What is happening in the crypto-currency market demonstrates the immaturity of the industry and excessive emotional attachment to the object of investment, says Mikhail Mashchenko, an analyst of the social network for eToro investors in Russia and CIS countries. The expert believes that the SEC will not soon approve the application for the creation of Bitcoin-ETF.

"Due to the reduced complexity and disconnection of many competitors from the network, miners now have the opportunity to easily extract and accumulate cryptocurrency with the expectation of future growth. But will he? In fact, the main driving forces for the growth of quotations can be a large-scale implementation of the Lightning Network and the "halving" of bitcoin, which will not happen soon. Other reasons for the" rally" is not yet expected, which makes you have patience", - said Mikhail Mashchenko.

2019 may be unusually calm, then the price of digital money will start to grow again, at least, according to most experts. The industry continues to move forward regardless of the market situation, and this is the main guarantee for the further successful development of the industry.

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