The decrease of the dollar and the Euro

the depreciation of the dollar and the Euro

06 February 2014 on the Moscow exchange by 10:10 Moscow time the dollar exchange rate fell 11 kopecks (when compared to the closing level of the stock exchange) and was 34,78 RUR exchange rate of the Euro fell by 21 kopecks. and amounted to RUB 47,01.
The value of the currency basket (which, recall, is composed of €0.45 and $0,55) decreased by 16 kopecks and amounted to RUB 40,28

The Bank of Russia was established on 06 February, the official Euro exchange rate at the level 47,2159 (73,76 kopecks below the previous one), the dollar level 34,9592 rubles (down from 49.1 kopeks). The value of the currency basket (in accordance with the officially established rates) amounted to 40,4747 rubles (which is less than the previous value 60.2 kopeks).

The dollar increase was observed due to expectations of reduced quantitative easing in the US. The decline was observed not only of the Russian ruble, and currencies of other developing countries (Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, etc.). Falling rates has continued after the January 28-29 meeting, which adopted a decision on reduction of bond-buying under quantitative easing to $65 billion per month (i.e. $10 billion).

If you look at exchange rates last week (27-31 January), you can see that the Euro rose to 48,15 rubles, and the dollar to RUB 35,33 Interesting fact: the cost of the currency basket on 30 January 2014 has renewed its historical maximum (41,135 rubles).

03 February 2014, we observed a gradual decrease in exchange rate of the Euro and the dollar. 03 February at 21:00 Moscow time on the Moscow exchange, the dollar was worth 35,46 rubles, Euro RUB 47,9 06 February at 10:20 Moscow time the dollar exchange rate amounted to $ 34,75, EUR 46,97 RUB.

Author: Kristina Simonova

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