Navalny lost to Prokhorov 1 ruble

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June 26. The case on the claim of the participant of the Forbes list Mikhail Prokhorov to the oppositionist Alexey Navalny was completed. As a result of consideration of the case, the Lublin court of the city of Moscow agreed with the arguments of the billionaire's lawyers and satisfied the claim. Now Alexei Navalny must refute his accusations and pay the billionaire 1 ruble.

It all began in April 2018, when Alexei Navalny published a video on his YouTube channel, in which he accused Mikhail Prokhorov of bribing former Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin.

For the first time that Mikhail Prokhorov bought from Alexander Khloponin a small Tuscan Villa, wrote the Russian service of the BBC, referring to the documents of the Cyprus registry and extracts from the cadastre. The Agency pointed out that a record earnings of 2.9 billion rubles., which was declared in 2017, then Deputy Prime Minister, Khloponin received from the sale of villas in Forte dei Marmi. In 2017, the Villa area of approximately 800 sq m and the plot of 0.8 ha bought a Cyprus company Neptolino Holdings, which is owned by Mikhail Prokhorov.

A few days after the publication of the BBC, Alexei Navalny released a video investigation in which he said that Khloponin in 2008 bought a Villa for 11 million euros, and sold in 2017 for 35.5 million euros. At the same time, real estate prices in Italy during this time not only did not grow, but even fell. "At least 25 million euros are a bribe, "Navalny claimed, emphasizing that Khloponin was in charge of subsoil use in the former Cabinet of Ministers,"Prokhorov's interests are connected with this sphere."

On the same day, the representative of Mikhail Prokhorov said that the plans of the billionaire to file a lawsuit against Alexei Navalny. "The deal was absolutely transparent. Alexei Navalny's allegations of a bribe are a lie," said the representative of ONEXIM holding. According to the lawyer of billionaire Timothy Gridneva, Bulk words is a "provocation, intended to draw attention to yourself".

Navalny, Prokhorov, Navalny, Prokhorov court, the case of Prokhorov, Navalny investigation

In turn, the representative of Alexei Navalny asked the court to call as a witness of the Khloponin. However, the judge rejected the petition, however, like others. In particular, the defendants asked to postpone the case until the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia makes a decision on the application of the anti-corruption Fund on the alleged bribe. The defendants also petitioned for the removal of the judge Marina Vasina, which a year earlier in the consideration of a similar claim from Alisher Usmanov also sided with the plaintiff.

Experts expected such a decision, as this case is connected with the protection of honor and dignity, so the duty of proving the objectivity of the information lies on the defendants. Representative Alexei Navalny, to win the case, it was necessary to prove to the court that it is his point of view and interpretation of the transaction as a bribe. A different decision could be expected only if there is a conviction in the case of bribery.

Representatives of Alexei Navalny said that they plan to appeal the decision to a higher instance.

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