Michael Schumacher is still in a state of artificial coma

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10 of June. The famous racing driver Michael Schumacher, who at the end of last year fell on a ski slope in the Alps "is still in the phase of the output from the artificial coma". This was reported by the electronic version of the newspaper "Bild".

Christoph Specht (known in Germany the doctor) concerning the condition of Michael Schumacher said that "each and every case, in fact, not like another", "from time to time the patient's condition may unexpectedly improve, the patient may after a few years to come out of the coma". The expert also has specified that "the better the physical condition of the patient, the chances of recovery is higher."

In Germany June 8, was shown a documentary film about Michael Schumacher "Michael Schumacher – his most difficult fight". It looked in Germany only about 3.24 million viewers.

Sabina Who (official representative Michael Schumacher), from mid-April not made any representations, has recently denied the words of one of the German channels that Michael "periodically regains consciousness". "I never talked with this channel" - said Sabina.

Recently, the media has spread a new rumor about the alleged demise of Schumacher. Then the same media placed the denial of this fact from the hospital of Grenoble, where Michael. In the hospital of Grenoble said that last time, no official statements, they do not spread.

29 December 2013 Michael Schumacher suffered a severe head injury while skiing in méribel. Since that time, the well-known rider is in the hospital Grenoble, where he underwent several operations. Schumacher is in a state of artificial coma, from which. As previously reported, it began to withdraw from the end of January.

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