Increases the cost of the policy CTP

the cost of CTP policies CTP

We had not time to recover from the absence of forms of insurance policies, as there was a new attack – the Government approved new rates on the insurance policies. From 1 July 2014, all vehicles will be required to pay more.

The positive side of this increase is that payments in the event of an accident will also be increased. Moreover, the increase of payments in case of damages to property, life and health of a person, will rise from October 2014. It is stated in the draft amendments to the law on compulsory insurance.

Payments under the amendments, will increase from 120 thousand rubles to 400 thousand rubles In case of causing the driver harm, the amount will be increased from 160 thousand rubles to 500 thousand rubles due To the increase of compensation payments will increase and rates of the insurance policy CTP.

Deputies reported that the increase in the cost of CTP will be done in stages: stage 1 – from 1 July 2014, the second from 1 July 2015.

The amendments also contain provisions entitling the Bank of Russia with additional powers. For example, he will be able to revoke the licenses or restrict the activities of an insurance company. Reasons for rejection may be, for example, the imposition of additional services, or unjustified refusal to sell insurance policies. Limit the insurance company, the Bank of Russia will be free when it is proven that at least two violations within a month. If three violations, the insurance company may be deprived of the license.

In addition, these revisions reduced the maximum permissible level of wear (from 80% to 60%). The amounts under the policy the insurers will be required to pay within 20 days from the date of filing (prior to this insurance companies could pay the amount within 30 days).

The increase in tariffs will lead to the fact that vehicle owners who were paying about 4 thousand rubles, now will pay about 30% more. Recall that the interest calculation is performed taking into account regional coefficients (CT).

Despite the coming increase, Khabarovsk insurers assured of discomfort such conditions of insurance.

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