Gasoline prices rose in the city of Khabarovsk

gasoline prices rose in Khabarovsk

The other day there was another price spike on one of the most popular brands of gasoline a-92 at filling stations in the network NK "the Alliance" in the city of Khabarovsk. The price for one litre of fuel increased by almost 50 cents.

Before that, gasoline was less than 34 roubles, now the price is equal 34,30 rubles. While the cost increase has affected only gasoline AI-92, the prices of other fuels unchanged.

At the moment, the price spike occurred only at stations NK "the Alliance", at petrol stations of other companies the prices have not changed yet. However, this phenomenon is unlikely to last longer than competitors NK "the Alliance" (primarily Rosneft) is usually promptly followed by "beaten" path.

The Antimonopoly service checks on this occasion.

Meanwhile Advisor to the President of "Rosneft" in the far East in the rank of Vice President Viktor Ishayev said that in the near future the prices for gasoline and other petroleum products will be frozen or even reduced.

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