VAT: what will the future bring

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From 2015 the government plans to increase VAT to 20%. In this case, sales tax will be dropped.
In early July, the RF government discussed the topic of possible options for revaluation, the tax rate for the General population. According to officials, President Vladimir Putin instructed to consider all the options for finding resources to implement the sales tax, this tax will come into force next year. The rate of tax is 3%, then in 2018 the tax rate will increase by 2 percentage points of personal income tax and VAT from 13% to 15% and from 18% to 20% respectively.
At the moment we are discussing other alternatives, according to this modification, the VAT will increase to 20% next year, while the sales tax will be cancelled. Reliable verdict on tax changes introduced in the Russian Federation, is expected before the end of July. One of the officials reported that with the President the issue was not discussed, but the Prime Minister expressed his stance in support of this idea.
The increase in this electoral cycle will not affect the non-oil sector, according to the main directions of tax policy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on 2015-2017 years, this information was also confirmed Vladimir Putin in the budgetary message of 2012
This feature of "not exceeding the taxes" already psychologically passed, the situation with the budget, according to officials of the state Duma, leaves no other choice. To announce the tax rate increase more difficult, than to announce the introduction of the new tax. One of the officials explained that currently there is no exit: "select from bad and worse".
Don't forget that VAT is in the first place, one of the main sources of replenishment of the country, it is planned that this year he will bring more 3.7 trillion. roubles, next year - not less than 4.2 trillion. rubles. According to Federal officials, the increase in the VAT rate by 2 percentage points in 2015, can bring an additional budget of about 0.5 trillion. rubles. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation the introduction of the sales tax is less profitable than raising VAT to 20% (the additional state revenue will be about 200 billion rubles a year).

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