The territories of priority development (TOP)

Top, priority development area, which is the top, the legal regime of the top, the top story of creation

1 of October. Ministry of Economic Development approved a four-company towns to create territories of priority development (TOR). This was announced by Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
"Ministry of Economic Development received 16 applications from 8 subjects of the Federation, we carefully approached them and have 4 single-industry town. It - Gukovo (Rostov region), Yurga (Kemerovo Region), Naberezhnye Chelny (Tatarstan) and Sibirskoye (Irkutsk region), "- said the Minister.
According to Ulyukayev company towns receive the status of the top ten years, renewable for another five years. These areas get tax preferences, overall, the tax burden will fall from 20% to 7%.

What is the Torah

Top, priority development area, which is the top, the legal regime of the top, the top story of creation
Torah - the territory of priority development - areas with favorable tax conditions, simplified administrative procedures and other privileges.
Torah formed not only for economic development (such as special economic zones - approx.'s), But also to create comfortable living conditions for the population.
The draft federal law "On Territories of advancing socio-economic development in Russia" is prepared to create the conditions of accelerated development of the Russian Federation, primarily in the Far East.

Historical reference

For the first time the creation of such zones spoke Russian President Vladimir Putin on Dec. 12, 2013 in his message to the Federal Assembly. Vladimir Putin proposed to "create in Siberia and the Far East territories and special economic zones of advanced development with special conditions for the creation of non-primary manufacturing oriented, including for export."
In October 2014, the Russian government has made to the State Duma a draft law "On Territories of advancing socio-economic development in the Russian Federation", the amendments to the Tax Code (adopted on November 21, 2014), as well as changes in the number of other legal acts.
The bill was approved by the State Duma in the first reading 12 November 2014. TOP become the first approved site "Komsomolsk", "Nadezhdinskaya" and "Khabarovsk", which should provide 7000 jobs.
Currently, the Far East, established 10 priority development areas.

The legal regime TOP

Top, priority development area, which is the top, the legal regime of the top, the top story of creation
Act establishes TOP:
• tax benefits and insurance premiums;
• a special procedure for the use of land;
• preferential rates on rents;
• preferential mode of connection to the infrastructure;
• special arrangements for the supervision of the municipal and state control;
• ability to attract preferential and expedited basis of foreign qualified staff;
• providing specific public services;
• use of sanitary and technical regulations;
• Using the free customs territory.
In theory, experts believe that in the incarnation, at least, part of the planned measures will help to make the top of the region are fundamentally different from other territories with special tax and regulatory status. Experts believe that the Far Eastern Federal District may be analogous to Hong Kong. Will it be done in practice, only time will tell.

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