Militants “Taliban” on the borders of Tajikistan

Taliban fighters on the borders of Tajikistan, the seizure of Kunduz militants igil, IG militants, the militants of the Islamic State Movement

1 of October. Detachments of the Taliban, who seized on September 28 Kunduz province, rapidly approaching the borders of Tajikistan.
30 of September militants seized Imam Sahib district, which is located 20-30 kilometers from the border river Panj. This was announced by the Afghan TV channel Tolo-News. According to the channel, the Taliban move to Port Sher Khan Baydar, which is opposite the checkpoint "Nizhny Panj."
Get the comments in the Main Department of the Tajik border troops is not yet possible. At the same time, representatives of the special services of Tajikistan, reported that on September 30 started the relocation of border troops in strategically important high-rise, increasing hidden posts, as well as other measures taken in connection with the approach of the Taliban.
"We are watching the situation in the opposite direction of Panj Kunduz province, where, despite the massive strikes of the US Air Force, the terrorists captured and held towns. There are casualties among the civilian population ", - said the representative of the special services of Tajikistan in a conversation with the correspondent of" political class. " He stressed that "at present the forces of Tajik law enforcement agencies have enough to deal with the Taliban," but is a direct threat to the security services do not see, however, are ready for any development of the situation, including the influx of refugees.

Taliban fighters on the borders of Tajikistan, the seizure of Kunduz militants igil, IG militants, the militants of the Islamic State Movement
Asked about the armed groups who seized Kunduz and other northern provinces, a spokesman for the security services said that "this motley terrorist international, in addition to the Taliban to include militants from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan militants IG (terrorist group" Islamic State "- approx.'s)" .
On the number of fighters, according to the interlocutor, it is difficult to judge, as their number is constantly growing, adding to the reserves of the other provinces, but we are certainly talking about thousands.

The attack on the Kunduz

28 of September, 2015 militants of the extremist movement "Taliban" and the group "Haqqani Network" captured and still keep the 300,000th capital of Kunduz province, located in northern Afghanistan.
The attack took place at lightning speed. The large-scale offensive began on 28 September at 03:00 local time (4:30 MSK). The representative of the Afghan Interior Ministry Sediq Sedikki said that "law enforcement agencies were aware of the imminent threat and preparing to attack. However, we underestimated the possible scale of this action, as the gunmen attacked simultaneously from ten different directions. "
With the move, the Taliban were able to capture a large part of the city, blocked the roads, cutting off the road to escape the civilian population. Radicals have placed their flags all over the village. The first were seized government offices. Militants seized the building of the Supreme Council of the mayor, the building of the provincial council, a hospital and a prison (from which they have released about 600 prisoners, including the leaders of the local "Taliban").
Militants seized as schools, universities, warehouses weapons. Were looted local stores, banks and private homes. According to preliminary estimates the damage could reach more than $ 1 billion.
During the day (28 of September) Interior Ministry units and the army tried to defend the town, but the militants gradually move them in the second half of the day completely ousted them from the city. Under the control of government forces remained a residence of the governor and the headquarters of the police.

Taliban fighters on the borders of Tajikistan, the seizure of Kunduz militants igil, IG militants, the militants of the Islamic State Movement
One of the largest size of settlements in the Islamic Republic was taken in the ring units of Afghan security forces and NATO special forces. The structure of NATO special forces entered the elite units of the US, Germany and the UK.
According to preliminary data, in clashes in the city of Kunduz, killing more than 30 people, more than 200 injured. Meanwhile, according to the humanitarian mission of the UN, the death toll could be significantly higher, since the security forces so far managed to repel the Taliban just a few urban areas, access to much of Kunduz to evacuate the wounded and the dead is not.
September 29 representative of the international humanitarian organization "Doctors without Borders" made a shocking statement. According to the official representative of the organization ghoul Molyneux, hospital operating in Kunduz, crowded and can not withstand another influx of victims.
According to Gul Molyneux, only for the first day in the hospital received 170 wounded, half of them - the children. "We had to increase the number of seats from 92 to 110, the hospital is now running at full capacity, as people continue to arrive."
Due to the rapid capture of the city of Kunduz, he managed to leave the units, the majority of the three hundred residents were held hostage by the guerrillas. Militants "Taliban" is equipped with firing positions in residential neighborhoods, creating a direct threat to the life of the civilian population. According to eyewitnesses, the city has a shortage of food and drinking water.
At present, the Taliban managed to repulse the airport, to regain control of several urban areas, as well as free local jail inmates who were thrown to the Taliban. "Despite the success of the government troops, the militants put up fierce resistance. The number of dead in the hundreds of extremists, "- said a police spokesman Kunduz Salovarov Husseini.
Air Force USAF cause massive strikes on militant positions in the vicinity of the captured city.
Although outnumbered, the security forces were not able to completely suppress resistance to the extremists.

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