The payout limit on CTP increased to 400 000 rubles

CTP payments, increased payments on CTP

01 of October. From today entered into force a new package of amendments to the law on CTP. The main thing that has changed is the payout limit with still 120 thousand rubles to 400 thousand rubles.

The changes apply only to those owners of the policy "avtograzhdanki" who purchased this document after 01 October. To everyone else, to take advantage of this, it is necessary to renew the contract. Another innovation affected the rate of deterioration. Now the limiting wear factor when calculating payment amounts to 50% (previously 80%).

It was planned to make changes in the size of payments for the Euro Protocol (the design of an accident without calling the traffic police) to 400 thousand rubles in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Moscow suburbs and Leningrad region. In order to use Evroprotokol, drivers must provide to the insurance company, filming or taking photographs of the accident and damage to themselves, and to make the data from GLONASS / GPS receiver. However, as the government has not approved the list of allowed to use navigation devices, the amount of payments has not been increased, the new limit will be applied later.

30 September in the state Duma held a meeting on the issue of the use of the Euro Protocol. Currently only about 9% of drivers use them. The final decision on the European accident report is not yet made, discusses different options. In particular, the proposal to impose the fine drivers waiting for an inspector unnecessarily. However, this idea of support has not found. An important step towards the promotion of Euro Protocol would be to cancel the information about the accident, to be provided to the insurance company – relevant measure considers the management of the state traffic Inspectorate.

Recall that this is not the first package of amendments, the first started to operate from 01 September 2014.

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