Military beginning of the school year in Donetsk

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01 of October. On Wednesday, Ukrainian security forces fired Donetsk from jet systems of volley fire, as a result of shelling killed 11 people.

The press center of the Ukrainian security forces said that the Ukrainian military forces are shelling civilians and residential areas, however, Russian policy has called such attacks a gross violation of international law.

This year the school year in Donetsk began a month later. To start the academic year 01 September was not possible from-for continuous attacks, but declared a truce and are unable to ensure a calm start of the school year to those schools that decided to open its doors for schoolchildren.
When in schools was held festive line, in one of the schools hit by a shell, presumably from multiple launch rocket systems "Grad". The children were in school, they are immediately in an emergency order evacuated to the basement. Thanks to the timely help, none of the children was hurt. However, according to eyewitnesses, killed two adults – fighter Eagle who was guarding the building of the school, and the father of one of pupils.

The Director of the school Vasilisa Berezhnaya said that among those killed - the biology teacher.

Another shell hit a public transport stop near the school, more precisely in the taxi, pulled up to a stop. Initially, it was reported about 8 dead, then the number of victims increased.

In addition, 40 people were injured varying degrees of severity – this was reported by the representative of the regional trauma hospital.

Planned action

Andrey Purgin (Vice-Premier DND) said that the security forces shelling residential areas of Donetsk – planned action of the "rocket launchers shoot up to 40 kilometers, so it was a targeted shelling of residential areas from afar."

The shelling of Donetsk was carried out and missile complexes "Hurricane".

In the city the intense situation remains. On the website of the city Council, it was reported that the "sounds of volleys in Donetsk do not stop, the Kiev area has suffered a massive shelling – there are numerous damage to buildings, there are dead and injured among civilians."

In Donetsk there are still problems with electricity and water. About 140 substations remain de-energized. From-for continuous attacks have been adjusted some routes of public transport.

However, despite the constant shelling, according to the city Council, under reconstruction. Restored power to four substations.

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