Points instead of employment quotas for migrants

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The Federal migration service of the Russian Federation proposed a new scheme to attract foreign labor. The bill on amendments to the Federal law of 25 of July 2002. No. 115-FZ "On legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation" submitted for hearing to the state Duma.

The idea is the abolition of labor quotas and the establishment of a points system. FMS proposed to allow foreign citizens arriving in Russia for the purpose of employment, apply to the territorial body of the FMS with the application for granting a residence permit.

To obtain the residence permit will be skipping the stage of a temporary residence permit, but subject to the conditions – the passage of a points selection system. Criteria points you plan to make a separate normative act and placed in the public domain on the Internet and in the media.

Previously reported that the points will be awarded on a number of indicators, including age, level of education of migrant language proficiency, the availability of housing in Russia, the specialty, work experience, etc.

According to the authors of the initiative, a point system will allow the state to influence the level of migration. Raising or lowering the passing score, the government will be able to influence the economic situation in the country.

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