Certificate isn`t necessary

replacement driving licence replacement driving licence if lost, a replacement driver in the event of theft

07 of August. The General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation came to the conclusion that the requirement of the traffic police authorities on the provision of medical help by the citizens applying for replacement driver's license in connection with their theft or loss, unfounded.

The conclusion of the General Prosecutor's office justified the provisions of the Federal law from December 10, 1995 №196-FZ "On road safety". According to article 23 of the Act, a compulsory medical examination and re-examination shall apply to the following cases:

  • drivers in case of replacement of a driver's license in connection with the expiration of their action;
  • citizens undergoing training to primary obtain a driver's license;
  • citizens deprived of the right of control of the vehicle at the end of the period of deprivation).

Thus, the Law provides an exhaustive list of grounds. This list is not subject to the arbitrary addition. Loss and theft of driver's license this list is not included.

In this regard, the traffic police sent information about need of observance of requirements of the legislation and that breaches it.

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