Municipal carriers will lose the opportunity to purchase Korean buses

Ordinance to ban foreign auto, auto from abroad under the ban for officials

Prime Minister of Russia signed a decree, which prohibits using public money to buy foreign machinery.

Soon the officials, drivers of public transport, drivers of cars of emergency services will change from foreign to domestic cars. Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree, which prohibits purchasing vehicles and cars who are going abroad, at the state and municipal money. All this is because the state seeks to support the Russian industry.

The resolution does not concern the equipment and vehicles that are assembled in Russia, but under a foreign brand. Budget transport organizations will have to adapt to the circumstances. In the Park, such organizations normally dominated by South Korean buses. So, in Khabarovsk, in the fleet of municipal passenger enterprises are 280 buses, of which 230 Korean. The representative of the transport company explained that it purchased the South Korean buses because of the high cost of domestic analogues and the unreliability of Russian suppliers.

Alexey Demenok (the Director of the MUP of Khabarovsk "HPTP No. 1") clarified that "domestic buses are expensive to repair, they have a lot of faults, which is reflected primarily in the transportation of people, the second – on the cost of transport, and this, in turn, on the tariff".

Last winter in Khabarovsk there were several "NefAZ" buses and they are already in need of repair. Minor malfunctions and breakdowns occur daily and despite the fact that Russian bus costs about 8 million rubles, and the same South Korean (albeit slightly used) – 5.5 million Even with a run of South Korean buses work better, without repair be much longer say.

Other than public transport, it is forbidden to buy foreign cars emergency services, officials and state institutions. Officials to change their cars will be easier, because many Executive cars assembled in Russia. For example, NissanTeanaи FordMondeo collected in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, BMW 5-and 7-series release on Kaliningrad "Avtotor".

Suffer from this decree the budget of the organization, which requires special equipment. For example, the traffic police inspectors patrol the streets on German bikes, which in Russia are not made. Modern ambulances also came from abroad.

The only plus that extra write-off all existing equipment, the regulation did not include what has already been purchased, will serve his age.

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