Holy week for Christians

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14 of April. The most severe time for Christians – a Passionate sedmitsa. At this time I remember the last days of Christ on Earth, his crucifixion, burial. This year is unusual, this year the date of Easter Sunday in Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox matches. This holiday will be celebrated on April 20.

Throughout this week, Patriarch Kirill will celebrate the divine services in the churches of Moscow. This week every day is called Great because of the significance of an event. So, on Great Monday the Church commemorates the withering of the Fig tree by Christ, symbolizing the human soul, who did not oduhotvoryaet fellowship with God. Maundy Thursday is a time to remember the last Supper, on which was established the sacrament of Thanksgiving (Eucharist). Good Friday is the saddest day is the day of Christ's crucifixion. On Holy Saturday remember the burial of Christ. On Saturday morning the priests change their vestments from black to light and begin to prepare for the celebration of the Resurrection. It is Saturday sanctify Easter dishes.

On Great Monday the Primate and the bishops are mirovedenie – production of a mixture of about 50 aromatic substances used in the sacrament of baptism, and under the illumination of the temples. Miro is brewed only once a year for three days. On Holy Thursday it is sanctified by the Patriarch.

In the night from 19 to 20 April will take place the solemn service. It will be conducted by Patriarch Kirill. Will be held this service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Holy week is a time not only of strict fasting, but a period of preparation for the great feast. For those who can't secure a table for Easter in Moscow, Department of culture and charity project Handmade Charity organizes Internet action "Easter basket". All funds that are received through the website will be used to buy food for poor families with young children. These products they deliver to the holiday (April 20).

The volunteers of the movement "veterans need care and company" (N K) in the capital will help more than 300 seniors to spend General cleaning in the house, carry out minor repairs, would move the furniture and provide other assistance.

Volunteers service "Mercy" in this week also raise funds to help the homeless. They cook clothes, dyed eggs, to congratulate the homeless.

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