Died Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Marquez Gabriel Garcia

18 of April. On the 88th year of life died a famous writer, a Nobel prize winner, author of the novel "one Hundred years of solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

The death of a famous Colombian writer confirmed in the National Council for culture and arts of Mexico. The Chairman of the Council said that the writer died at his own residence in the South of Mexico city.

The writer has not yet been disclosed.

We only know that Garcia was discharged on 8 April from the hospital, where on March 30 he was hospitalized. Then the doctors explained that the writer was pneumonia. The last days of Garcia, were treated at home, it was daily visited by the doctor.

Doctors and relatives of the writer, the people argued that the status of the writer stable, although it is still weak after treatment in the hospital.


The writer was born March 6, 1927 in the town maps of aracataca Department of Magdalena. Early in his career, Gabriel Garcia Marquez worked as a reporter, led his column in the newspaper ElHeraldo. In 1961 he released the novel "the Colonel no one writes". In 1962 he published a collection of short stories "the Funeral of the big Mama".

In early 1965, Marquez began to write his famous novel "one Hundred years of solitude" published in 1967. For this novel, the writer was awarded the Romulo Gallegos.

1982 was marked by the awarding Marquez the Nobel prize. It was after this event, the writer spoke to the whole world.

In Mexico, the writer moved in the 50-ies. In 2012, the Colombian writer the Mexican government was awarded the medal of fine arts. The national Council for culture and art of Mexico stressed that this award is the highest distinction.

The novel "one Hundred years of solitude"

This is the most famous work of the writer. Started working on this piece, the author being in Mexico. Initially, none of the publishers did not want to undertake its publication. Marquez sent the manuscript to all known publishing house, but they were in no hurry to publish a novel written in such a new time manner. This manner in the future was called "magic realism". After unsuccessful attempts, the writer sent the manuscript to Buenos Aires. To the manuscript he put a letter: "Read, if you do not like, break, and I will forget about this novel".

The most recent novel written by Marquez was published in 2004 under the title "Memories of my sad whores".

The illness of the writer

In 1989, doctors discovered the writer of the lung tumor. In 1992, underwent surgery, and the disease retreated. In 1999, doctors diagnosed Marquez lymphoma. The writer has transferred two difficult operations in Mexico and the United States.

In 2012, Jaime Garcia Marquez (younger brother of the writer) said that Gabriel suffers from senile dementia. In early March this year died brother of the writer Gustavo (he was 78 years).

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