Working pensioners have fully renewed the indexation of pensions


04 January. Working pensioners have fully renewed the indexation of pensions, but, as noted in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, this will happen only after the pensioner resigns.

Recall, two years ago (in 2016), working pensioners stopped indexing the insurance part of the pension, and after retirement, the pension began to pay them taking into account all the indexes that took place during their work. However, there was one "but".

In the past and the year before, the resumption of indexation of the pension and the beginning of its payment in the full amount occurred only 3 months after the dismissal. Since this year, the renewal procedure is also set aside for 3 months, but their retiree is compensated.

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The payment of the full amount of the pension will be realized as follows: for example, the citizen resigned in March 2018, in April the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation will receive reports from the employer for March, in which it will be indicated that this citizen is still listed as working. And in May, there will be a report for April, in which the retiree will already be dismissed.

In June, the FIU will decide on the renewal of indexation of pensions, in July the pensioner will receive a full pension and monetary compensation in the amount of the difference between the previous and the new pension for the previous 3 months - April, May and June.

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