New road signs

new road signs, changes to 2017, PDD 2018, preliminary national standard, metal arrow at the crossroads

December 13th. On the eve of the "Preliminary national standard" on road signs came into force. According to him, new road signs may appear on the roads, but before this document begins to operate in full force, it is necessary to amend the current traffic rules.

As noted by the chairman of the project technical committee No 703 of Rosstandart, "Comfortable road" Alexander Shumsky (it was this committee who came up with and developed new road signs), these standards were adopted, but temporarily, since in Russia the notion of "temporary standards" is laid down in legislation. This standard will be valid until 2020. If it takes hold, then it will be accepted as compulsory. If not, it will be sent for revision. "Preliminary national standard" introduces road signs, reduced by 3 times, for roads on which a speed limit of 60 km / h is set. The developers of the standards believe that at this speed the driver will be able to see such signs.

Also, the introduction of signs with additional information. Previously, additional information was placed on additional plates approved in the applications to traffic rules, now this information will be placed on the signs. That is, directly on the sign it will be shown that this parking is paid, or there will be an indication of the direction to the parking lot. And paid or free of charge this parking will also be indicated on the sign.

new road signs, changes to 2017, PDD 2018, preliminary national standard, metal arrow at the crossroads

Provision is made for the introduction of a new sign - a dedicated strip for the movement of trams. This strip will be forbidden to leave drivers of other vehicles, even if the tramways are level with the road.

Another new sign is the metal arrow to the traffic lights without an additional section for turning to the right. This sign means that if there is a red light on the intersection, but there is this sign, the drivers are allowed to turn to the right, but after they miss everyone who takes advantage.

Innovation experts supported. But here's the nuisance - you can not use such signs, you first need to make changes to the current traffic rules, setting new requirements and painting the new signs themselves. Only after this it will be possible to install new road signs. As the traffic police told journalists, amendments to the traffic regulations are being prepared, but when they are adopted, it is not known. The approximate dates are announced on July 1, 2018.

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