The water tariff in Russia may grow by 40%

water tariffs in the Belgorod, the increase in water tariffs Belgorod

17 of October. At the meeting of the working group of the city Council addressed the issue of increasing tariff for water supply in 26-40% for residents of Belgorod.

The representative of administration of the Belgorod explained that currently the main problem is the need to construct a new pumping station, old already cannot cope. He noted that if this issue is not resolved soon, the city may experience shortages of water. Recall that the old pumping station in operation since 1960-ies, wear sewage treatment facility is 100%.
How much money will be required for the construction of a new pumping station is not established, however, it is clear that the residents of Belgorod are waiting for a significant rate increase.

The representative of the administration noted that initially the project was considered, which provided growth rates by 142%. However, at the meeting Sergei Tarakanov (General Director of state unitary enterprise "Belvodokanal") suggested another concept, according to which the increase in tariffs will constitute 26-40%. At the meeting of the working group also considered the issue of distribution of tariff increase for several years to avoid a sharp rise in tariffs. Following the discussion, the draft was sent for consideration by the standing Committee.

Increase tariffs in Belgorod have started talking in September 2014 – then there was a speech about increase of the tariff for water by 177%, Sewerage – by 242% in 2015. This increase was due to the necessity of implementing the planned investment programme, which includes the reconstruction of treatment facilities. However, it was decided the rates so dramatically is not increased.

The Minister of housing and public utilities of the Russian Federation Mikhail Men, commenting on the situation, explained that it is necessary to once again review and analyze the investment program of Vodokanal, to optimize the costs. The Ministry will do everything possible to minimize the increase of tariffs for the population – said Mikhail Men. To this end, the Ministry of construction will support, for example, in terms of subsidizing the interest rate on the loan at the expense of means of Fund of housing and communal services. The maximum tariff increase is less than twice the increase that was originally planned.

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