The machine could run up to 1 thousand km on 1 liter of gasoline

the machine is capable to pass 1 thousand km on 1 liters, super saver car, very economical car

The tale – tell you. No, it's actually true. Turkish students have developed a miracle – a car that can drive for 1 thousand km on only 1 liter of gasoline. In the future we plan to slightly improve the car so he could drive for 5 thousand km the

These students are studying at the Izmir University of Geisli. They designed a hybrid car that can travel the distance of 1 thousand km using just 1 litre of petrol. This car is a new stage of technology development.

The students plan in the future to perfect your car's engine, so he was able to drive 5 thousand miles, spending only 1 liter of gasoline. Know-how Turkish students is properly and carefully selected balance between consumption of gasoline, electricity, solar energy and energy recovery system. This balance reduces the use of hydrocarbon fuel to a minimum.

Students undertake the project under the guidance of associate Professor of the University of Sanima Hasn. He reported that this project has already attracted international attention. He also said that the car has excellent aerodynamic properties, suspension and good steering. He stressed that his students and he want to contribute to the development of hybrid cars, the automotive industry pays special attention.

The invention of Turkish students did not remain without attention and the organizers of the famous competitions of petrol autopromotion. They invited students to their invention to take part in this competition. In order to have time to prepare the car for this event, which will be held in mid-may in Holland, the students promptly proceeded to build the car, fine-tuning and configuring it. In competition will take part 229 teams from 26 countries.

If you look at the situation with vehicles in Turkey, we can see that the industry is very slowly moving towards the minimization of emissions. On the road there are practically no electric hybrid cars. Charging stations for electric vehicles no. Most residents use natural gas to drive, however they do this not for reasons of environmental protection, but rather because of the economy. The government encourages the reduction of pollution entering the environment, by increasing taxes on cars with large engine capacity. Also the Turkish authorities are moving to "Euro" standards on emissions of carbon dioxide.

Author: Artem Grigorov

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