The burden of pensions will be shifted to self-employed

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August 02. According to the government, about 15 million Russians work without paying insurance premiums, while they use social services.

The Russian government is discussing the possibility of exempting self-employed citizens from contributions to extra-budgetary funds, shifting responsibility for the size of their future pension to them. On the eve of this said the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin.

The Minister reminded that in Russia every citizen, regardless of how much he paid insurance premiums, guaranteed a minimum pension.  "Currently, we are discussing the issue of exemption of self - employed citizens from payment of insurance premiums, but when they take full responsibility for their pension security," TASS quotes the Minister's words.

Maxim Oreshkin noted that the government's task is to ensure a minimum in the pension provision, but " if a person is ready to save for retirement, he wants to earn, you need to give him the opportunity," - said the Minister.

At present, the size of contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation under the General regime is 22% of the wage Fund.

Special regime

self-employed, taxes for self-employed, simplified tax regime for self-employed, pensions for self-employed

The Minister explained that it is a question of creating a special tax regime, providing for a minimum tax and administrative burden for small businesses. The Minister stressed that self – employed citizens are the most active part of the population and they should also actively think about their future. This means that having received the most simple tax regime, entrepreneurs should take responsibility for the level of their pension.

The Ministry of Finance is currently developing a special tax regime for self-employed citizens. In may 2018, the first proposals were presented – the introduction of a"tax on professional income". Under this regime, self-employed citizens who currently work mostly illegally will be able to pay about 6% of the revenue using the smartphone app. As explained by the head of the Federal tax Mikhail Mishutin, this payment will include insurance premiums.

In July, the head of Rostrud said that at the moment the number of self-employed citizens in Russia has reached 15 million people. In this case, we are talking about persons who are not registered as individual entrepreneurs, but at the same time conduct business activities without paying taxes and fees.

These persons, upon reaching retirement age, can expect a minimum social pension, which is established and paid without taking into account the length of service and average earnings. According to the Federal law "on state pension provision in the Russian Federation", social pensions are indexed annually taking into account the growth rate of the pensioner's subsistence minimum for the previous year.

In 2018, according to the Ministry of labor, as a result of indexation, the average size of social pension increased from 8 807 to 9 062 rubles.

The minimum old-age pension is paid to citizens if the pensioner has work experience of 25 years (men) and 20 years (women). The average size of old age pensions has increased from 13 to 14 800 329 RUB.

According to Rosstat, the average size of the pension in the country in April 2018 amounted to 13,351 rubles.

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