The airline has proposed to abolish free Luggage

baggage, baggage, baggage in the plane, the baggage allowance on the plane, the prohibition of baggage

15 of Aug. The airline has proposed the transport Ministry to introduce a fee for passengers for the transportation of all Luggage on the plane.

Airlines want to force the Russians to fly light. The airline has proposed to completely abandon the free baggage in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. Want to fly with the Luggage – to pay additionally.

The Ministry of transport this idea plan to consider in the near future. However, experts warn that such changes can be affected not only passengers, but also airlines.

The logic of the airlines is clear. First of all, they want to make money, as for the third consecutive year their profit is reduced. Second, carriers have long complained that passengers are cheating with your Luggage to the advantage not to pay (currently, carriers are allowed to transport a maximum of 23 kilos for 1 person), they shove extra stuff on sports bags and sneaked on Board as hand Luggage. Thus they cheat the system, but inconvenience to other passengers.

baggage, baggage, baggage in the plane, the baggage allowance on the plane, the prohibition of baggage

In Russia really there are practically no limits on weight or number of things that passengers bring into the cabin. The only thing is that some airlines limit the size carry-on. There is also a list of items that can be carried in the cabin additionally laptop, phone, bag, baby food, etc. in the list of 18 items. Passengers also love to buy something in the "clean area" of the airport, water, books and Souvenirs. Carriers are almost not paying attention. May refuse only if the bag does not fit on a shelf for Luggage or under the seat, said the Chairman of consumers Union of Russia Peter Shelishch.

However, as practice shows, sometimes of internal guidelines for personnel of the airline not always coincide with common aviation rules. This is especially true of low-cost airlines. The result is the scandals, up until the trial. Passengers complain about the supervision that they are not allowed on the plane even with what is in the list of permitted items. For example, in one of the airlines from passengers require an additional payment in the amount of 2 thousand rubles for a backpack that is not in the list, stated in Rostransnadzor. Tired of the litigation, the carriers propose to cancel the requirement of 18 subjects, and to allow the cabin to carry only one bag not weighing more than 5 pounds.

The head of the Union of passengers Kirill Yankov said that it might be the only option in order to get rid of endless litigation, but the maximum weight must not be less than 10 pounds. However, such conditions are absolutely not satisfied with the leading researcher of the Institute of transport Economics and transportation security, national research UNIVERSITY "Higher school of Economics" by Fyodor Borisov. In his opinion, the list is permitted to carry things cannot be reduced in any case to one bag, no matter how many pounds she weighs. There is a fragile equipment that you can't fit in any one bag are the same phones, computers. You also need to provide for the carriage of baby food, baby strollers and wheelchairs for the disabled. So the list you want to leave necessarily, I'm sure Borisov.

baggage, baggage, baggage in the plane, the baggage allowance on the plane, the prohibition of baggage

Proposal for stricter rules on hand baggage clearly not in the interests of passengers and carriers but this idea will not bring anything good. They not only will get more profit, but also lose the existing. For example, if to forbid passengers to take on Board purchase from the Duty Free, the airports will not receive revenue from sales, said Fyodor Borisov. This will lead to growth of tariffs for services of carriers. But it's not so bad.

According to Peter Salima, in this approach, the Russians can simply refuse services of Russian airlines in favor of foreign (no restrictions) or even to change to a train where you can take a suitcase and a bag with food and a computer. Travel manual weight must not exceed 36 kg. The weight of the Luggage that you want to sit in a separate carriage, shall not exceed 75 pounds.

As for the Luggage, checked Luggage, then the General rules currently provide for a minimum weight – 10 kgs. That is, airlines can set their own limits beyond the norm, usually 20 pounds, but may be more. As a rule, permitted weight depends on the lift of the aircraft.

Importantly, the minimum passengers ' rights, which are stated in the Air code of the Russian Federation were not violated. The airline's offer to cancel the norm of free baggage allowance, that is, the passengers want to get to pay for each kilo of Luggage. This will allow budget carriers to offer a baggage allowance as an additional service. This can not happen, experts say.

baggage, baggage, baggage in the plane, the baggage allowance on the plane, the prohibition of baggage

A separate conversation about low-cost airlines. They earn on additional services. Therefore, such companies may make sense to make exceptions and allow yourself to adjust the allowance. And the passenger to provide the right to decide that it is more profitable, said Fyodor Borisov. Indeed, sometimes the low-cost airline tickets and the charges for all additional services in the amount of leave more than flying on a conventional carrier.

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