Quotas for labor migrants will replace the patents

news for migrant workers, patents for patents instead of work permits

20 of November. On the eve of the Federation Council adopted a law that replaces the work permit quota for patents. The new procedure will be effective from 1 of January 2015 in respect of foreign nationals, whose stay on the territory of the Russian Federation requires a visa.

A patent can be issued in that case, if the migration map shows the purpose of visit – work. Foreigners with patents will be able to attract as legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.
To obtain a patent will be required within 30 days from the date of entry to Russia to apply for a patent. A patent is granted for a period of from one to twelve months. To grant patents will be the authorized bodies of the subject of Federation in cooperation and in agreement with the FMS. The creation of such bodies in the regions a year. The main part of the act comes into force on 1 January 2015, authorities will start operating from 1 January 2016.

Irina Yarovaya (the Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and countering corruption), commenting on this law, said: "We set up the opportunity for foreign citizens to reissue a patent only once for this citizen to stay in the territory of the Russian Federation for realization of labour activity, for only two years. After this period, the foreign citizen must leave the territory of Russia. Only after confirmation of all necessary requirements, he will be able to go back and continue his career".

The new law also obliges labour migrants to provide evidence of absence of criminal record, the existence of the policy of voluntary medical insurance, availability of places to stay, payment of the tax to incomes of physical persons (what will be the cost of the patent). Regional authorities are entitled to determine the list of medical organizations that can work with foreign nationals and to confirm the degree of their health, choose a profession, position or profession of the migrant in the patent.

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