Michael Schumacher came out of coma

Michael Schumacher today, the condition of Michael Schumacher, Schumacher came out of coma

19 of June. 16 of June, a famous race car driver came out of the coma, he was transferred from hospital in Grenoble to another medical facility. It is learned that at present, Michael is in the hospital of the Swiss city of Lausanne.

The condition of the racer is gradually improving. Every day he is increasingly conscious, however talk not yet. This was announced by the representative of the hospital in Lausanne, Darcy christen. His words quoted by one of the British editions TheDailyTelegraph.

On the exit of a famous racer from the coma, it became known on Tuesday from his official representative Sabina Whom. Also it became known about the transfer of Michael Schumacher to another hospital. As explained by Darcy christen, transfer Michael to another hospital does not mean that his condition has greatly improved, he no longer needs to be in intensive care.

According to experts of rehabilitation Schumacher after the fall will take a long time. Darcy noted that "Michael is still unconscious, but compared with April a lot more often is in the mind. Of course, talk racing driver is not yet able, however, to communicate he uses other forms of communication."

As Michael was injured

Recall that in December 2013, riding on mountain skiing, Michael at high speed, fell and suffered serious injuries, hitting his head on a rock. The helmet helped only partially to soften the blow. Michael received a serious head injury with bleeding and multiple lesions of both hemispheres of the brain.

In the Grenoble hospital Michael was taken in an unconscious state. The doctors did the surgery and brought him into a state of artificial coma. The state of the famous racer is estimated as critical, positive dynamics was observed. In the media several times appeared false information about the death of Michael Schumacher.

In January, doctors began to gradually reduce the dose adaptivnykh medications, bringing the patient from the artificial coma. In early April, Michael began to respond to the voices of the people around him.

Michael transportation from one hospital to another was carried out by a specialized company. The newspaper "Blick" reported that the head of the organization refused to disclose the details of the trip, he only said that in order to transport it was stated a fictitious name.

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