Man exposed his wife for sale on ebay


15 of September. The British Joker Simon O'kane, a resident of Wakefield (Britain) put their 27-year-old husband Leandro for sale on Internet auction site eBay. About it reports the Internet edition of the Daily Mirror.

His action, the man explained that his wife remained unsympathetic when he complained to her of feeling unwell. By the way, the couple has two minor children.

The pros of his wife, the Joker has been described by his words, his wife has a good figure, she can cook. "Overall, this is a very bad model, I think whoever buys it will be happy," wrote the man.

To the surprise of men, for 2 days the cost of his wife rose to 65 thousand pounds. "If eBay dropped the ad down, God knows how far I could get," said the Joker. Some "buyers" jokingly asked questions about the mileage and maintenance. "Most of the comments made me laugh. For example, one guy wanted to swap it for a camel, the other wanted to find out how much fat she can eat."

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Upon learning that the spouse has put it up for sale, Leander scandal and even threatened him to "kill". "My colleagues laughed at this announcement. Not only that, the husband made me for sale – he also put a horrible picture," complained the girl.

In his defense, the Joker said that he's in the shower "big baby", but the man admitted that the announcement of the sale of the couple is the most unusual thing he ever did.

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