Grechka has again risen in price

buckwheat rose buckwheat, buckwheat has risen

For last week wholesale prices for buckwheat increased by 1,685 thousand roubles a Week earlier, the growth was 255 rubles. The increase in the price of buckwheat has occurred following the sharp rise in the price of rice, the wholesale price of which has soared from 3.5 thousand rubles per ton.

According to "Prozerno" last week, the price of buckwheat increased by 1,685 thousand (prior 39,915 thousand rubles per ton).

In June 2015, the price of buckwheat was 38,564 thousand (for comparison, in July 2014 – 16,673 thousand rubles per ton).

As stated by the Deputy Director General of the Institute for agricultural market Irina Glazunov, in the second half of 2015, some manufacturers of buckwheat is experiencing problems with the raw material. According to her, the reason is that the crop of buckwheat in the Altai region (the largest producer of buckwheat) due to weather conditions was removed in the fall of 2014. In the end, the gross yield of buckwheat in 2014 amounted to 662 thousand. tons, which is more than quite a bit minimum need of the Russian market, which, according to the Institute for agricultural market is 650 thousand tons. In 2013, the harvest of buckwheat was 834 thousand tons.

The Ministry of agriculture predicts in 2015, the harvest of buckwheat in the amount of 780 thousand tons. However, experts such predictions is questionable. First of all, due to the reduction of the area under buckwheat. The main reduction occurred in the Central regions of Russia.

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