As refugees from Ukraine to legally get a job in Russia

the work for refugees, how to get a job refugees

Citizens of Ukraine after receiving the refugee status or temporary asylum in the Russian Federation can legally find a job without special permissions, except for those occupations and jobs where it is not permitted the employment of foreign nationals.

Having received refugee status, foreign citizens have the right to:

- obtaining assistance and guidance in training or in employment on an equal basis with citizens of the Russian Federation;

medical and medicinal assistance on an equal basis with citizens of the Russian Federation;

- the employment or business activities equally with citizens of the Russian Federation;

- issuing of travel document for travel to areas outside of the borders of Russia;

- an application for granting the right to permanent residence in the territory of the Russian Federation or to acquire citizenship of the Russian Federation;

- social protection, including social security equally with citizens of the Russian Federation.

The rules and procedure of recognition of a foreign citizen as a refugee as described in the Federal law "On forced migrants" and "refugees". To obtain refugee status, foreign citizens must apply to the Federal migration service in the Department dealing with matters of citizenship. To obtain refugee status, a foreign citizen may apply to the Russian Consulate abroad, at the border or on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Foreign citizens without refugee status or temporary asylum for employment requires a special permit or a patent. Foreign nationals working without permission, or patent, according to the administrative code of the Russian Federation faces an administrative fine (2 – 5 thousand rbl.) and deportation. The foreign citizen banned from entering the country for five years from the date of expulsion.

Refugees can also participate in the resettlement program. This program provides reimbursement for travel and other costs, and benefits.

The region in which the arriving refugees, trying to help with employment. So, in Ugra, the government promotes the employment of refugees, most refugees who arrived in the region, could easily find work. Mostly they occupy such positions as cook, mechanic, driver.

The Khabarovsk territory is also pleased to accept refugees. The government of Khabarovsk territory on its official website lists the available jobs for refugees and pledges to help with employment.

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